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Concert Review: Aerochix, The Band At The Beachcomber In Quincy Massachusetts

Updated on March 10, 2015

On the night before hurricane Irene hit my coastal community of Quincy, Massachusetts, I set out to see a local cover band called Aerochix. Since I was a wee lad I, have loved the music of Aerosmith and thought I would give this cover band a chance. I was sitting at home bored with my two teenage daughters, contemplating my evening. I had decided to stay in since I had not been able to recruit anyone to go out on that pre-hurricane evening.

As I sat there wondering out loud about what I should do, my daughters said, "Dad, you should go." I know that they were just tired of hearing me say, "I'm bored. I wish I had something to do tonight." So, I took their advice and decided to go see Aerochix by myself. Why not? I'm a single guy, maybe I would meet some nice people. And any chance I can get to socialize with my peers, I gotta take. And so off I went about 10:30 in the evening down to the Beachcomber in Quincy, a small club with a lot of history right on Wollaston Beach.

Since I knew the band would not be coming on until about 11:00, I waited in my car looking at the ocean and wondering if Hurricane Irene was really going to affect my community. When I heard the band start playing, I went in to check it out. I think because of the impending storm there were not a lot of people out. It was relatively un-crowded ,which I didn't mind at all as it afforded me a chance to get a good look at the performance as well as an outstanding place to hear it.

I went in fully thinking that it was probably not going to be that good, but to my surprise they were great! They had the sound and posturing of Aerosmith down pat, as well as the lead singer's costume was very Steven Tyler-esqe. From the first chord their performance was solid and very entertaining! The song selection was very good, mixing old favorites of mine like "Chip Away At The Stone" to "Write Me" and "Seasons Of Wither" to the new Aerosmith songs like "Cryin", "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing," and "Crazy," just to name a few.

The band Aerochix consists of Justine Klein on bass, Joni Scimone on drums, Rachel Clayton doing the lead vocals, and Lisa Raven Addario and Sara Leketa on guitars. They have perfected the art of imitation with Aerosmith as their example and do so with a passion that shines through. You can tell they are fans of Aerosmith and love what they do. If I get the chance to see them again, or should I say when I get the chance to see them again, I will absolutely do so.

So rock on Aerochix, keep doing what you love and never stop. The Bad Boys from Boston should be proud of the Bad Girls From Boston! As for hurricane Irene, she passed us by with only minor damage, mostly downed power lines and trees, but no severe damage. Well worth the trip a little down the road to what we call the "Coma," our affectionate nickname for the Beachcomber. If anyone ever gets the chance to check out Aerochix, I would reccomend it!


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