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Convenience Shipping -- Don't Believe A Word These Shippers Say

Updated on December 30, 2012

The most manipulative type of shippers

It's been my dealing with The Vampire Diaries shippers that I discovered a whole new breed of shippers I refer to as Convenience Shippers. These are hardcore shippers who want to remove the threat to the couple they really ship, so they fake being fans of a couple that will get an obstacle away from their OTP [Only True Pairing] couple.

I'm a fan of Damon and Katherine, and I've been looking for fans I can chat with that like them, too. I thought I found them, until some of them let their masks slip and revealed they were Stefan and Elena fans pretending to like Damon and Katherine so they could get Damon away from their couple. Some SE fans also tried a little revenge fake shipping when they tried to help the Bonnie and Damon fans who are pushing for a romance between them, even though there's been nothing romantic between them on the show. They even helped the BD fans fake trend a trend promoting BD. Unfortunately for them, the only victory that got aligning themselves with BD fans was ticking off their rivals, the DEs. Convenience shipping is only successful if the couple you're trying to ship is a viable couple, not some other group of shippers fantasy couple. Currently, since Katherine isn't around at the moment, some SE have started shipping Damon and Rebekah which could have a shot at working since Damon and Rebekah were actually lovers on the show, last season.

The DEs haven't mastered the art of convenience shipping, very well. At present, they're trying to convenience ship Stefan with Katherine when that pairing has been pretty much debunked as not even being real. Feeding off a human is just about using them as a human blood bag and a vampire becomes sired to their maker when they have feelings for them before they die. Guess what, girls? Stefan wasn't sired to Katherine, but it appears Damon was, so Stefan's feelings for Katherine were never real. No matter how you try to twist things, your attempts at fake shipping Stefan and Katherine isn't going to work, because you're being transparent as glass as you do it. For convenience shipping to work, no one can realize you're fake shipping a couple.

The problem is the DEs have a bit of a conflict of interest. They have a viable couple they could fake ship Stefan with; Stefan and Caroline. The problem is they want Klaus with Caroline, so they're all going on about how they want Katherine back because they think they can have their cake and eat it too. They'll foist Stefan off on Katherine, and that way he won't be a threat to either pairing they want. Sorry, girls, it doesn't work that way. It may came down to you having to decide which couple you want more: Damon and Elena or Klaus and Caroline.

The problem with these convenience shippers is I don't think the powers that be at these shows get that a lot of these couples are being faked shipped and when they decide to appease these fake shippers and give them what they want, the rest of us get stuck with some pretty disgusting couples. Like Matt and Rebekah. Every time I see a DE claiming how they want Matt and Rebekah, I'm like, "And I'm sure keeping her away from Damon has nothing to do with that, right?"

Let's look at the Matt/Rebekah romance if you can even call it that. She invited Matt to a party to kill him to get at Elena, but when he put his coat on her arms she developed a crush. He only acted nice to her because Caroline asked him to and then ridiculed her behind her back. Rebekah in turn tried to kill Elena and didn't care she was killing Matt, too, and she thinks buying him a truck and stalking him makes up for it. Matt in turn outted her to a vampire slayer, not caring if he killed her, to protect Elena. What in any of that is the least bit romantic for anyone to want to ship this ugly mess?

I used to wonder why someone would waste their time fake shipping a couple in an attempt to make sure the couple they really wanted they got. Then I had to take it into context of some of their other activities, which are also exercises in wasting time. They waste a lot of time mass-voting in polls so it appears the couple they like is the most popular couple. They also waste more time trending stuff about their couple so it'll appear on the worldwide Twitter trend list. So wasting time fake shipping couples in an attempt to get what they want isn't really much different. It's just all about manipulating things to get what they want.

So next time you see someone shipping a couple, don't take what they say at face value. Just watch and wait for them to expose their true shipping colors. Then you'll know if they really ship this couple or they're just convenience shipping.


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