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Top Ten Cool Guitar Picks

Updated on July 11, 2011

You Want Cool Guitar Picks

Let's face it, you don't need a cool guitar pick to play cool guitar -- but it doesn't hurt. Like most hobbies and professions, the more you immerse yourself into your art the more you look for a way to distinguish yourself. Well look no further. I have combed the nether regions of the internet --ok, ok, Amazon, and this is what I've found. Feast your eyes on this.

And fear not! You can find the links to these picks about halfway down the countdown. It's gold I tell you. Pure gold.

Shred til it hurts

Cool Guitar Pick #1 - The Pick of Destiny

Remember Jack Black? Remember how he was just a giant buffoon that used to make us laugh in movies that were not centered around music. Then we all found out that really, he was Tenacious D and we loved him even more. Well, at least until the 'Pick of Destiny' came out and we saw how easily his genius could turn against him. Regardless, the idea was great and now you too can own your own Pick of Destiny with this replica that shreds as if hells come to earth.

Simple Awesome

Cool Guitar Pick #2 - Fender 351 Black Moto

If you play guitar and you don't have a stock of 351's tucked away in every nook and cranny of your home, then you are really missing out. If it hadn't been for the Pick of Destiny this Black Moto 351 would have taken the top space. They are designed for all players and have a great range of thickness. And yes, maybe they don't look 'all that' but the feel and playability of these plastic wonders far surpases the looks of any other.

Gription Beyond Gription

Cool Guitar Pick #3 - Dava Grips

These crazy cool guitar picks have an over-molded rubber grip to give you an incredible non-slipsurface.Perfect for when your playing your gig after eating a bag of cheap potato chips or after having finally caught that greased pig. Hey, what you do on your own time is your business, just don't show up to practice late!


Cool Guitar Pick #4 - The Orbit

I'll be honest, this guitar pick made the list because -- lets face it -- it freaks me out. I want someone to play with this pick and tell me what is up. Is it cool --yes. Is it functional? Please tell me. I'm not sure what that rubber ring is for. Am I getting married at the next jam session? I hope not, because I still have bruises from the last time. On the bright side, if these come in different colors you slip them over your beer bottles to mark your drinks.


Cool Guitar Pick #5 - Hello Kitty

Some of you will say – hey that’s not cool, but what you really mean is how can I order these Fender 351 Hello Kitty Guitar Picks without the rest of my band finding out?!


Cool Guitar Pick #6 - Fender California Clear 351

Let me just say that clear picks are the bomb. Because if you're in a band like me the banter can go on forever and when you get bored you will find no better pastime than gazing through these multi colored clears into the bright lights beyond while painting your drummers fat head a nice light shade of yellow.

Girl Rawk

Cool Guitar Picks #7 - Rock Girls

Stylized guitar picks may not mean much to the audience when they can't see them, but just wait until after the show and you throw these sinister gals out into the crowd. With a shape very similar the a Fender 351 you'll be playing like a pro as you slowly wear their legs off with every dashing riff.

They only come in heavy

Cool Guitar Picks #8 - The Ice Pick

These suckers are made out of stainless steel. To say that they will give you a unique sound is redundant. The best part is that after you play with them for a while they sharpen up and turn into thowing picks. Good for keeping those overzealous fans off the stage.

Play with Protection

Cool Guitar Pick #9 - The Wedgie

Remember when a wedgie was something you got between 5th and 6th period in high school from the captain of the football team? Um, me neither. Anyway, these days Wedgies are the new cool guitar picks that deliver a muddled sound and a soft thud. The gription is a 10 on these puppies, unless they’re wet. But hey, if you can master playing these while they are wet, you can move onto using an electric eel as an e-bow.

Amen Brother...Amen

Cool Guitar Picks #10 - The Jesus Pick

Um, I’m not touching this with a ten foot pole. Let’s just say that if your using a Jesus pick with Romans 10:13 scripture on the back you better not be playing any Danzig covers. Or maybe you should?


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    • Green Art profile image

      Green Art 5 years ago

      This is a fun hub whether you play or own a guitar! I could easily picture someone simply collecting some of these cool pics. I only played an acoustic guitar for a short time for fun. I still have my guitar pics in a box somewhere. Voted up, awesome and interesting!