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Cool Michael Jackson Images

Updated on July 13, 2011

Michael Jackson Pictures

I have surfed across the web and had seen a lot of tributes to MJ but I haven't seen a collection of Cool Michael Jackson images as of yet and by that I mean iconic images, the artistic kind and the creative type. So I searched for the funniest and most unusual Michael Jackson pictures that had creative commons license for reuse on Flickr and this article is what I have come up with.

I particularly liked the above picture of Michael Jackson because it is from his early years when he was black and it is symbolic of the funky 1970's, it is also one of the only MJ pictures that is similar in style to Shepard Fairey's street art.

Photo courtesy of stylespion

Michael Jackson Picture Gallery

I only bring the most interesting images to my Michael Jackson picture gallery because I know that there are a ton of copy cat pages released on the web just try and suck traffic from the death of a legend. Above we have a tribute to MJ atop of the bridge where princess Diana died in Paris, this is a nice thought because it now combines a memorial where two influential icons of peace can be remembered,

Photo courtesy of ell-r-brown

Michael Jackson Pics

Here we have a kind of pop art style image of Michael's iconic curly hair and red button jacket but the face is replaced with that of cute dog picture, I think this Michael Jackson related artwork is fairly well known already and it is not a disrespect toward the King of Pop but more a funny iconic pointing out some of his most famous features!

Photo courtesy of cormacheron

Michael Jackson picture

Once again, as with the first image I displayed, the above image is representative of Micael Jackson and his 1970's dress sense and hairstyle, it may be a simple Adobe Illustrator design but I think it looks very retro with the typeface they have chosen.

Photo courtesy of sambaclub

MJ Pictures

As we all know, MJ is adored worldwide and this was helped not only by his amazing music but also by his tours and the I think the above image is a advertisement for a live performance in Japan. Mikel Jackson was very in tune with the street performers and HipHop culture and I think it is good the way whoever designed this incorporated graffiti style flowing typography into it.

Photo courtesy of toestubber

Pics of Michael Jackson

OK, so this may not be a painting but it is sculpture art of Michael Jackson and I love the way the artist has captured the cheekiness of 'Bubbles' the monkey which also reflects Michael mischievous side. 

Photo courtesy of laurent_gilot

Michael Jackson Photos

Above we have 'Hippy Van' Michael Jackson photo, I am not sure where I have seen this cartoon style of Michael before, it may have been on 'MTV Celebrity Deathmatch' but once again it shows 'Bubbles' the monkey!

Photo courtesy of robandstephanielevy

Images of Michael Jackson

I have never seen MJ dolls before so I decided to include this fairground game Michael Jackson prize! I like the way they have used the iconic white Jacko because people probably wouldn't recognise a doll of the early years Michael.

Photo courtesy of aldenwicker

Funny Michael Jackson Pictures

Since we have progressed to a Funny Michael Jackson picture level, I decided this was a very funny picture and nobody can look at Michael next to a Llama without cracking a smile!

Photo courtesy of Strangerinitaly

Michael Jackson Thriller Pictures!

Finally I wanted to end the article with a Michael Jackson Thriller picture since this is one of my favourite of his songs, the video is directed very well and the costume/make up was done with expertise that was available in the 80's. I would definitely hang this painting in my house although I am unsure whether the artist should have coloured the central portrait of Michael?

Photo courtesy of Abi Skipp


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