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Cool Spy Gadgets – The Ultimate Guide To James Bond Film Spy Gadgets Part 1 - Dr. No to Goldfinger

Updated on July 11, 2012

Sean Connery as James Bond

Love those cool spy gadgets? For many people, James Bond 007 epitomizes the coolest of cool, and the James Bond Movies are packed full of uber-cool stuff!

If you want to know more about those James Bond gadgets, and which James Bond film they appear in, here’s my run-down of the ultimate guide to spy gadgets used as a kind of James Bond Collection of spy stuff. Whether you want a James Bond gun or some more high-tech spy gadgets, here’s my ultimate spy kit list!

Dr. No

1. Bond is told by M that the notes for his mission will be sent in a self-destructor bag to him at the airport.

2. Ian Fleming himself chose the Rolex Submariner for James Bond, perhaps because he owned one himself at one time. Rolex declined to offer a watch for the classic film, which prompted Chubby Broccoli to use his Rolex Submariner that had a black crocodile strap. The watch continues to be seen in later films.

3. Giving the impression that the Geiger counter is uncommon, James Bond 007 must make a request to Britain before he can use it to determine Crab Key’s radioactivity.

From Russia with Love

4. Bond receives a brief case containing an AR-7 .22 caliber survival rifle featuring an infrared scope, ammunition, fifty gold sovereigns, a throwing knife and a cartridge of tear gas.

5. Bond is supplied with a pager in this film. If he needed to contact headquarters, he could call from the phone installed in his car once he was paged.

6. A small device known as a bug detector was used to detect a tap on a regular telephone.

7. To interrogate Tatiana, James Bond uses a small reel-to-reel tape recorder that is hidden inside of a camera.

8. The dagger shoe, worn by SPECTRE agents such as Rosa Klebb, features a concealed poisonous blade that would pop out of the toe of the shoe.

9. The gift of a periscope from the Royal Navy made it easier for Bond to eavesdrop on the Russian’s conference room.

10. Red Grant first used the garrote watch to strangle a man that was dressed like James Bond during training. The watch from which a wire garrote could be pulled was used later in the film in the attempted strangulation of the actual Bond, but the weapon was used instead by Bond to defeat Red Grant.

11. A device the size of a typewriter called the Lektor decoder was used to decipher encrypted messages.

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12. This Bond adventure introduces an Aston Martin DB5 that features revolving license plates, rear bulletproof shield, tire slashers doubling as spinner hubcaps, forward machine guns hidden behind each headlight, passenger ejector seat as well as reward defenses such as smoke and oil sprayers.

13. Q gives James Bond a couple of homing beacons. The larger beacon is used to track Auric Goldfinger to his home base. The smaller of the two allows headquarters to track Bond.

14. Most likely, when Bond’s special attaché case was improperly opened, it exploded. However, Bond is informed that the case was damaged or destroyed when examined by Goldfinger’s goons.

15. Goldfinger’s ally Oddjob uses his special bowler hat, which features a brim with an internal metallic disc as a weapon that will slice through metal and stone when thrown.

16. The Rolex Submariner featured in this film is mounted on a NATO-issue two-toned strap.

17. Goldfinger used and industrial laser in an attempt to extinguish Bond’s life. Later the laser, which could cut through steel, as well as dot the moon, was used to open a vault at Fort Knox. Weapons of this type take on several different forms throughout the entire Bond series.

18. The gold supply at Fort Knox is contaminated by an atomic bomb.

19. Sleeping gas canisters are used to put the military personnel to sleep at Fort Knox, allowing Goldfinger to invade the vault.

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