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Coors Light 2010 Commercials Plus Other Favorites

Updated on June 24, 2011

Coors Light 2010 Ads

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Coors Light Commercials Keep on Being Funny

Well, I have decided to add some of the newest Coors Light Football commercials along with another of my favorites, the Herm Edwards Coors Light ad from the past. These clips are very funny especially the Ditka ones. Sit back, enjoy your favorite beverage and laugh at these clever ads. I know you will. You will notice there are a couple less videos so I scrambled and changed the Marv Levy video to a different Coors Light ad. One of the Ditka ads is no longer available. Please enjoy the clips, after all, "you play to win the game" according to Herm Edwards, former NFL Head Coach.

Ditka Home Draft 2010

Keyshawn Johnson

Marv Levy

Herm Edwards


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