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Cop Delivers Pizza After Arresting Pizza Delivery Driver On His Way To Deliver Pizza

Updated on January 31, 2015

Cops serve and protect. That is what they are known for. However, some police officers take serve to a whole new level, and when you think you have heard of it all, boom!!! A police officer ends up delivering pizza! Wondering what we are talking about? What we're talking about is a cop ended up delivering a customer's pizza after the pizza delivery driver run into an unfortunate situation.

The Pizza Delivery Driver Was Arrested

The unfortunate situation that the pizza delivery driver ran into was being arrested while on his way to deliver pizza to a customer. What happened was the driver of the vehicle decided he would try to avoid stopping at a red light, so he ended up going through a parking lot to do so. However, the cop saw it, pulled him over and long story short, the driver and passenger was arrested after the cop noticed illegal substance in the vehicle.

What Happened Next

Sure, the guy getting arrested and the driver probably didn't think there was anything cool about the night, but something cool happened shortly after they were cuffed. So what happened next? The cop brought the suspects into custody, which was expected, but then he ended up delivering the pizza to the customer who ordered it! Yup, the officer decided to "serve" the pizza!

The Pizza Was Delivered!

The resident didn't live that far away and the chief of police even acknowledged that this was the very first time they actually delivered a pizza to a resident.

We are betting that the resident who ordered the pizza thought he was just going to place an order for a pizza, wait for it and then answer the door to a pizza delivery driver. Well, that didn't happened, as you can see! With that said, we are thinking that the customer was a little bit surprised when he saw a police officer knock on his door!

The customer must have been relieved when he opened the door and found out that the cop was there to just drop off his pizza and not to question him or anything like that. Let's face it, many people would be nervous if a cop knocked on their door, and they didn't call them. It's almost natural to be nervous when something like that happens. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but we do think there are a lot of people who get nervous when a cop come to their door, and unexpectedly. This is why we think this customer was relieved when he found out why the officer was at his door.

The bottom-line is that this is a cool thing that the cop did and we know that if an officer did that for us, we would be very appreciative, surprised and we would definitely praise that officer's action and call their station to let their superior/superiors that we think what they did was just awesome!


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