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"Coraline" A Creepy Movie for Kids

Updated on July 16, 2015

"Coraline" Movie Poster


The Positives to "Coraline"

  • The story of "Coraline" is based on the Neil Gaiman book: "Coraline". Neil Gaiman is a genius of a writer. Some of his other books include: "Stardust" and "The Graveyard Book". One of his other movie scripts was: "Mirrormask" which is an amazingly creative movie. I think it's hand down one of the strangest movies I've ever seen.
  • The movie is done in stop motion animation.
  • The main hero is a girl.
  • It's genuinely creepy. There's not much unoriginality in it. It's all purely creepy in it's own twist of a way.
  • The button eye doll was a good and creepy change from the book.
  • Henry Selick, the same director of "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and "James and the Giant Peach" directed this movie.
  • The score is memorable and creeptastic!

The Other Parents in "Coraline"


The Negatives to "Coraline"

  • Dakota Fanning's voice is annoying as Coraline and she's an annoying actress.
  • The addition of a boy character named Wybie kind of ruins the girl power thing the book "Coraline" had going for it.
  • It's never explained how Coraline gets back home somehow after sleeping at the other house. In the book she has to go through the door to go home.
  • Coraline is written as a bit of a brat and she's portrayed like a whiny little emo kid with blue hair. For some reason I really hated that. Coraline in the book was just a little girl who still had dolls and was small enough to be picked up.
  • It tries too hard to be like a Tim Burton movie. The one down side to seeing something that is directed by Henry Selick is his movies try to emulate Tim Burton too much. It's true he was asked by Tim to finish up "Nightmare Before Christmas" which was Tim Burton's project and creation except he didn't have the time to direct it as he was filming "Batman Returns" so he asked Henry to do it while he just stepped in to make sure things were good on set when he could. Yet it seems like a lot of his movies are too Burton-ish and like himself enough. "Monkeybone" is a movie he directed that I enjoyed but it definitely has a Burton's "Beetlejuice" thing going on with it. "Coraline" has a bit of a Burton's "Corpse Bride" and "Frankenweenie" thing going on with it. Henry Selick may just be naturally a bit similar to Burton though and isn't trying to copy him. I did see an interview he gave where he stated Burton and him are just alike in liking darker stuff.
  • It was made to be 3-D so it has some of those annoying scenes where stuff tries reaching out of the screen.

Still of the movie "Coraline"


Rating of Coraline

3 stars for "Coraline"

What is "Coraline" about?

"Coraline" is about a girl named Coraline who moves to a new home called the Pink Palace Apartments with her parents. She wants more attention from her parents who are busy with a magazine they're writing which I'm guessing is important for them to get paid so they can afford to live in their new home which is why they're stressed and not giving Coraline enough attention. Also her mom was in a car accident and is stressed by her neck injury. Coraline explores the new home as everyone is too busy to spend time with her and she comes across a door in the house that's all bricked up. What happens in the middle of the night when the wall is unbricked will leave her amazed to find a parallel world to hers through it. A world that seems to be better with better parents, better neighbors, and a better house. Or is it really a worse world? For some strange reason everyone in this better version of her home has buttons for eyes and they want to sew buttons into Coraline's eyes as well. Yet Coraline isn't sure. Then her real parents disappear and it's up to Coraline to rescue them.

"Coraline" is rated PG and has some creepy situations. Kids who have read the book that liked the book will enjoy it, so perhaps reading the book first before watching it will make it more entertaining. It's not unlike an old fairy tale like Hansel and Gretal, so don't be too concerned about the creepiness. It's only Brother's Grimm level creepy.

This movie is similar to: "Nightmare Before Christmas", "James and the Giant Peach", "Frankenweenie", "9", "The Corpse Bride", and "Paranorman". If you saw any of these and liked them you'll like "Coraline". "Coraline" is most like "Paranorman" and "Frankenweenie" out of all of these movies as they're all about young kids who get involved with monsters or with ghosts in the case of "Paranorman".

I recommend not watching "Coraline" in 3-D. It's not worth it and it didn't add that much excitement to the story really. If you really like movie scores you might even want to buy this movie's score or a few of the songs from it anyway. It's very memorable and puts a strong image in your mind enough to be another version of character development as it effects how you view the characters.

While I do enjoy the visuals and the music and most of the characters, my only issue with "Coraline" truly is I hate Dakota Fanning as an actress. I dislike her voice and every time I hear Coraline talk in this I cringe and sigh with relief when the other actors talking voices drown her out. I like Teri Hatcher and all the other voice actors are just perfect. It's only Dakota Fanning that I can't stand. So it's a shame she ruined it, yet I do watch the movie despite her once in a while.

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