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Coronation Street Fiz Arrested and John Stape Dies

Updated on October 21, 2014

How will John Stape Exit the Street?

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The John Stape Murders

John Stape arrived on the cobbles as a quiet friendly teacher, but he will exit the street as a mad serial killer. John has only recently returned to the street after his stay on a psychiatric ward following a nervous breakdown, and if anyone was heading for a breakdown it was certainly Mr Stape.

We first saw his dark side back in 2008 when he kidnapped Rosie Webster and held her hostage in his late Grans attic room. After a spell in prison and a prison wedding to his true love Fiz Brown, we saw John steal the identity of co-worker Colin Fishwick in order to teach again.

But another co-worker Charlotte Hoyle soon discovered his secret and used the information to blackmail him. When the real Colin Fishwick came knocking at John's door the pressure started to mount for John, and after a row broke out Colin suffered a fatal heart attack.

Not wanting his secret to be discovered, John disposed of Colin's body in the underwear factory with the help of crazy Charlotte. On the night of the Tram Crash, John hit Charlotte over the head with a hammer after she threatened to expose his secrets to Fiz, Charlotte later died in hospital. John's third victim was Colin's Mother Joy Fishwick, who he accidentally killed while trying to apologize for her sons death. Can things get any worse for John? Read on......

John is feeling ready to go back to work and although Fiz is more than a little anxious, John seems to be coping well. But this all changes when Joy Fishwicks solicitor arrives at his house, calling him and wife Fiz Mr and Mrs Fishwick. John is stunned by the Solicitors visit and even more shocked when wife Fiz tries to play her role as Mrs Fishwick.

John cant mentally take it all in and the pressure soon becomes to much. When John return to work he is still reeling, and when the police turn up, Peter finds John hiding in the corner rocking back and fourth. Peter rushes of to get Dr Carter and Fiz but when they all return John is nowhere to be found.

The next day John has still not returned and Fiz is out of her mind with worry, she is also scared that if the police find him then he might tell all about stealing Colin's identity and Joys inheritance.

Fiz tells Chesney that they need to find John themself. But after they all have no luck with their search, Fiz decides she has no choice but to phone the police. Meanwhile John has arrived at Charlotte's parents house, and her parents are very worried about John when he completely breaks down and says Sorry over and over again.

When Mr and Mrs Hoyle find Johns phone they can see he has a lot of missed calls from Fiz so decide to phone her back in the hope that she can shed some light. But Fiz is confused about the phone call and when she arrives at the Hoyles she is shocked to discover that they are Charlotte's parents.

John tells Fiz about Charlotte's obsession with him and the guilt he feels over her death, but will he admit to killing her?? Fiz is even more suspicious after the recent revelations and Chesney is also suspicious when he starts to ask a lot of questions.

The pressure is really mounting on John when he hears that the Underwear Factory is going to be dug up for drainage work and it all becomes to much for John when he ends up taking Chesney, and The Hoyles hostage in a cellar. John will then tell Fiz about Colin and Joys deaths, he tells her they were both accidents, but says he needs her help to move Colin's body or he will be facing life in prison.

Fiz is in shock and has convinced herself that the unrecognisable corpse is her Brother Chesney who John has held hostage in the Cellar. John convinces Fiz that the corpse is Colin Fishwick, and so a shocked Fiz helps John move the corpse into their car and dispose of it in the local canal. Fiz says that she is only helping John move Colin's body so their daughter Hope can have two parents, but she is just numb with shock at that moment.

Later when Fiz discovers Chesney and the others locked up, John runs off with Baby Hope in his arms, a panicked Fiz chases after him but gets run down by a car and taken of to hospital. John knows the police will be looking for him so dresses up as a Doctor so he can visit Fiz in hospital, but when Fiz sees him she presses the panic alarm and John runs up onto the hospital roof still holding Baby Hope.

Fiz follows John up onto the roof along with Brother Chesney and the police, she manages to coax John into handing Baby Hope over to him, John tells her that deep down he is a good man but bad things keep happening to him and it is at that moment John falls or jumps from the roof.

Fiz cries out and Chesney and the police swoop into hold a distressed Fiz back from the edge as she hugs her baby daughter tightly to her.

When they get down from the roof, the police cant find Johns body and believe he has run away. Later the police arrest Fiz and take her away leaving the neighbours to speculate about recent events. Fiz leads the police to Colin's body and cries "What's going to happen to me now? What's going to happen to my baby?"

As the police hunt for John gets underway, John hides himself away in the tiny attic and will be seen coming out at night to eat and watch Fiz and Baby Hope sleep. Graeme Hawley who plays John stape is leaving the soap this summer but how will he exit? Will he be jailed for the murders or will he do a Richard Hillman and take his own life??


John Stape Dies

John is back and up to his old tricks.

Posing as a prospective buyer for a flat, he manages to kidnap Rosie Webster for the second time. He tells Rosie that he needs her to tell his side of the story in court to save Fiz from prison.

John tells a horrified Rosie all about the murders he has committed, he makes Rosie aware that if she wants to stay alive then she has to remember every detail he says in order to relay it in court the following day.

While Rosie is begging for her life, Kevin and Jason break into the flat. John realising he has been rumbled makes a run for it.

John jumps in his car and speeds off to the court house, however Kevin is hot on his trail and manages to bump Johns car, causing John to loose control and crash into the back of a lorry.

As John lays in hospital unconscious, Rosie is telling the police all about John's confessions to the murders. However the police say this alone will not save Fiz from prison as it is classed as hearsay.

Meanwhile Fiz and brother Chesney are desperate for John to pull through so he can confess all to the Police, but later things look bleak when John has a cardiac arrest and the crash team rush in.

Luckily for Fizz, Johns heart starts again and he makes a full confession to the police. Fiz takes their daughter Hope in to visit her Dad and tells John that despite everything she will always love him.

John later dies.


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    • profile image

      lisa munn 

      7 years ago

      hi there john will crack up one those days he kidnaped rosie at his grandmother house and fiz found out and she find rosie in the room.and he went to see charlottr at her house he with her all time and there friends.yes him and her found out the man is dead john is covered up for her and they had a fight both of them had hammer and swingat it to each other at him and her he was behind her and he killed her and he did he just doing that cover it up and blame on his wife he the one should be in jail not her

    • zoey24 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from South England

      Yes i love all the soaps Paradise7 lol

    • Paradise7 profile image


      7 years ago from Upstate New York

      You must love that show.


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