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Coronation Street Kirsty Attacks Tyrone

Updated on May 1, 2012
Ty and Kirsty are rumbled, but Kirsty soon makes an arrest.
Ty and Kirsty are rumbled, but Kirsty soon makes an arrest.
Kirsty is smug until she is suspended from work.
Kirsty is smug until she is suspended from work.
Ty tries to reassure her but Kirsty is angry
Ty tries to reassure her but Kirsty is angry
and when Ty says the wrong thing
and when Ty says the wrong thing
she viciously lashes out at him!!
she viciously lashes out at him!!
Tyrone is left stuned by her actions, will he forgive her though??
Tyrone is left stuned by her actions, will he forgive her though??
Later Kirsty opens up to Fiz about her troubled past.
Later Kirsty opens up to Fiz about her troubled past.

Should Tyrone Show Kirsty The Door?

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Ever since Kirsty Soames began dating Tyrone Dobbs, it was clear to everyone else around them what a control freak she was, everyone that is except Tyrone.

Tyrone had just lost Molly and discovered his best mate was baby Jack's father, so he probably wasn't in the best frame of mind to be starting a new relationship. Kirsty however, saw what a push over Tyrone was, and slowly wormed her way in to his home and began isolating him from all his friends.

Fiesty police officer Kirsty, became very demanding, jealous and controlling. And any hope that Tyrone would send her packing, was diminished when Kirsty announced she was pregnant with his baby.

Recently Kirsty found herself in trouble at work when she was caught protesting at Terry Duckworths Lap dancing club, but instead of backing down she made matters worse, when along with Tyrone she flashes her police badge and starts rifeling through the planning and licensing office. They are soon rumbled by Terry Duckworth and a shifty looking Councillor Peake.

Convinced Councillor Peake has taken a bribe, she manages to get access to his bank statements which shows huge sums from Terry Duckworth. With all the evidence she needs, Kirsty makes her way to the Town hall and arrests Councillor Peake. Although her and Tyronne are both celebrating at first, things soon turn sour, when Kirsty is called into work where she is suspended for obtaining her evidence illegaly.

Kirsty is distraught, as her job was her whole life (and her way of lording it over everyone else), Tyrone tries to comfort her, but when Tommy tells her she has got what she deserves and Tyrone says nothing to defend her, an angry Kirsty storms off home.

Later back at the house, Kirsty flys in to a rage at Tyrone, accusing him of pushing her in to getting the club closed down. She blames Tyrone for the mess she is in, and is also angry that he didn't stick up for her against Tommy. Tyrone tries to make the peace when he tells her, he has had a word with Carla about a packing job at the factory, but this only makes Kirsty more angry.

Kirsty thinks she is above warehouse work, and tells Tyrone that being in the police force was her life. Tyrone tries to calm his pregnant fiancee by apologising, but when he tells her not to over-react she viciously lashes out, hitting him hard, with a metal cooking spoon.

Tyrone cant quite believe what has just happened and is left both stunned and confused. Kirsty is full of apologies and excuses after the incident, but Tyrone is not ready to forgive her for what she has done. Tyrone struggles to sleep that night and is finding it hard understanding why his fiancee would violently lash out at him.

Later trying to show she is making an effort, Kirsty starts working at the factory, where she soon confides in Fiz about her recent behaviour and her troubled past. Will Fiz persuade the factory workers to give Kirsty another chance, after she has always been so horrible to them? And will Tyrone forgive Kirsty for her recent behaviour?

We all know Tyrone will forgive Kirsty, but how long until it happens again? Coronation Street should be commended for highlighting 'Domestic Violence Against Men'.

Recent statistics have shown that Domestic violence against men are increasing in the UK. 25% of all reported crimes are domestic violence against men, and every third victim of domestic violence is a man.

Most men will not seek help for domestic violence because of shame and embarassement.

If you are a victim of this yourself dont stay silent, call the Mens Helpline on 0808 801 0327


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