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Coronation Streets Double Kidnap

Updated on August 15, 2011
Beck Mcdonald believes that prison is no place for Baby Hope
Beck Mcdonald believes that prison is no place for Baby Hope
and prepares to run off with the tot
and prepares to run off with the tot
but how far will she get??
but how far will she get??
Meanwhile John Stape will once again kidnap Rosie Webster
Meanwhile John Stape will once again kidnap Rosie Webster
before saving wife Fiz from Jail
before saving wife Fiz from Jail

Will Becky run off with Hope?

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Everything has gone downhill for Becky Mcdonald recently. Not so long ago she was living with hubby Steve and playing Mum to his daughter Amy, along with her nephew Max. But one by one she lost them all.

Meanwhile Fiz Stape is on remand awaiting trial for her husbands murders, Fiz has left her baby daughter Hope in the care of Roy and Hayley Cropper, Becky is also staying with the croppers and the woman so desperate for a baby of her own has began to bond with Hope and soon becomes obsessed with the baby girl. Becky isn't thinking straight at the moment, so when she hears that Hope will be joining Fiz in the prison mother and baby unit, she is left devastated. Believing that prison is no place for the baby, she hatches a plan to leave Weatherfield and bring Hope up as her own. Will she succeed in her evil scheme?

Meanwhile Fiz's husband John Stape who is currently on the run for triple murder, has been living rough in Ireland and following Fiz's case through the newspapers. However John will return to the street in October and attempts to go unnoticed by his neighbours, but when Rosie Webster spots John and refuses to keep quiet about his return, he feels he has no choice but to keep her quiet, so he grabs a shocked Rosie and kidnaps her for the second time. We previously saw John kidnap Rosie back in 2008 and hide her in his Grandmothers loft, he was previously jailed for the crime.

John Stape will dramatically run into the court room where Fiz is standing trial for the triple murders, John will tell the Judge that he murdered Colin and Joy Fishwick as well as Charlotte Hoyle and that his wife Fiz had no knowledge or involvement in his crimes. Although Fiz will still face charges for helping to dispose of Colin's body in the canal, she will be released for time already served.


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    • profile image

      lisa munn 

      7 years ago

      hi there becky will be take fiz little girl hope i know she loves kids and take over for fiz i be happy for her she will be home for soon


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