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Cortez Shaw American Idol 11 (2012): Solid Cannon Fodder

Updated on January 14, 2012

Spoilers and Predictions

Cortez Shaw is an R&B singer. According to TheIdolPad, he has made the Top 42 for the 11th season of American Idol. If history repeats itself, Cortez's singing style is a kiss of fate and will get him nowhere near a championship on this singing show.

Note that these predictions are based on YouTube videos. I do appreciate that Shaw could try to change it up and do something different if he makes the voting rounds. But if he sings the type of stuff that he did there on YouTube, he will be in trouble right from the start. It is about the most generic R&B singing I have seen in quite some time from an Idol contestant. Put simply, these contestants simply never do well in the voting.

I'm not sure how many gears Cortez Shaw's voice has, but I saw next to nothing to impress me so far. I am impressed, though, that he is committed to sounding good live (he explained this in one of his videos). That is great, but song choice is also key. To succeed on Idol, Cortez probably needs to go more old school. Being "current" is bandied about all the time among Idol fans, but that is an extremely overrated barometer. In fact, no one can actually define what is current (how many years back qualifies as current?), and most of the people who vote on Idol apparently don't even buy music, anyway.

No, there is nothing wrong with old school if you do it well. These modern R&B types are just gonna fail over and over. I'm not sure why they even try out. Unless he changes things up, look for Cortez Shaw to be cannon fodder. This essentially means he will be cast, given a horrid song choice the first week and be gone unless he is given a shot at a wildcard. Mark my words. He will have a horrible song choice and be criticized by at least Randy for it. Meanwhile, it will have been the producers who saddled him with the bad song choice to begin with.

Forget Cortez Shaw winning American Idol 11. He will be lucky enough to even make the Top 12.


TheIdolPad: American Idol 11 Spoilers

Cortez Shaw YouTube Performance: "Can't Be Friends"


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