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Cosby Accusers: They have nothing to gain!!!

Updated on December 19, 2014

Cosby Accussers

Cosby Accussers
Cosby Accussers

They have nothing to gain!!

Since the beginning of the storm against Cosby back in November 2014, many have stated about the accusers “They have nothing to gain.” Many of the people who have made this statement are people who get paid to be critical and support the demonization of the characters of public figures with or without substantial evidence.

From the first time back in November when I heard the different media personalities make the statement “They have nothing to gain”? I’ve adamantly said to myself and others, they have plenty to gain!

Before we go into what they have to gain, let’s briefly go into who they are. Well, outside of Janice Dickinson, Beverly Johnson and a couple of the other accusers, we don’t know who they are. So essentially, the accusers are has-beens and never-weres. It’s amazing that none of the accusers are women who had significant success because of Cosby. Most haven’t had much success at all in the industry.

Now what exactly do they have to gain. Well, there is the attention of mass media, the money they get from appearing on the various talk shows and exclusive gossip magazine deals, meeting celebrities they admire, reality show opportunities, book deals, career revival, and more likely than not, the opportunity to make Mr. Cosby pay for something he may have did or didn't do.

There is a lot of talk about victims of sexual abuse having a difficult time speaking out, there is shame attached. I understand that, but I don’t see how there can be this many females over 40 years and nothing leaks out. When someone is guilty of something of this magnitude (seriousness of the crime, the timeline and number of alleged victims), usually there is a consistent leak and grumblings about the perpetrators reputation over the years. Over the years the shameful secret reputation about Bill Cosby was that he was a chain cigar smoker, womanizer and profanity latent conversationalist. So he smoked cigars a lot, cheated on his wife and cursed a lot; horrible, but not sexual assault.

Now I don’t know if Bill Cosby is what the accusers make him out to be, but I will say the way it’s been presented seems more sensational than factual. Several of the accusers have recently appeared on Dr. Phil. The accusers have stated that they want to empower other women who have been abused to speak up or stand up against their accusers. Usually when victims of sexual abuse come out years later to empower others, they do it to free themselves of the pain and hopefully be encouraging to others who are experiencing abuse, they typically don’t focus on the abuser, just the catharsis of speaking about the situation, helps to relieves the emotional discomfort. Oprah spoke about her abuse on many occasions, but I don’t recall her ever mentioning exactly who the perpetrator was. When I her these females speak about the situation, it sounds as though the intent is not help relieve emotional pain and help other victims of abuse, but to assassinate an individual’s character.

In Closing, Mr. Cosby maybe guilty of a few things, but I don’t believe it’s what he’s accused of in this matter.

People do come out of the blue with lies

Karrine Steffans had a little movement going on for a few year, speaking about her sexual trysts with male celebrities. Some of what she said was factual, but most of it was completely fabricated and she gained fame and lots of money from lies.

Karrine Steffans lied


You be the judge of the collective bashing.

Are the accusers truthful

Do you think the accusers are credible

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