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"Cosmos" Original Poem

Updated on January 29, 2014


Look at those hills in the distance.
Lets disappear into one.
Look at those streams running through.
Lets follow one to the sun.
Lets traverse the cosmos, let us decide.
Which asteroid we should ride.
As we choose we are weary of fate
That will miss something special to the decisions we make.
The Karma of life can't escape us.
As we are connected it makes us.
A mysterious thing the choices we make.
The people we save and the lives that we take.
We settle for less, we're given much more.
Only God knows surely what is in store.
We are just beams of light.
With senses of touch and of sight.
We are mighty in nature, small in our minds.
We grow through our hearts when believing in signs.
So pick out a hill and a stream that is winding.
Discover the things worth finding.

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