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Cosplay: Tips, Tricks, and how to not be a Noob

Updated on August 6, 2012
Myself  (hat) and a fellow Cosplayer at MTAC Omega, giving Persona 3 some love!
Myself (hat) and a fellow Cosplayer at MTAC Omega, giving Persona 3 some love!

Just getting into the world of Cosplay can be pretty overwhelming. I know this first hand as I am too a newbie to cosplaying. So I thought I would give a few tips to other new cosplayers so that way their start might not be too overwhelming

Picking the right Character

Honestly, this can be the hardest part of the whole hobby. There are so many characters to choose from that it can be a little intimidating. So a few things to keep in mind are:

  • Keep it simple- keep your first couple of costumes fairly simple. You don't have too, but it can be neat to see how you started off with a few simple costumes and then did really good complex stuff!
  • Do a character you like - Most people are worried about having to pick a character they look a lot alike. This can make for some awesome cosplays, but most people don't look like anime or game character in general. So simply pick a character you really like. Most cosplayers don't care if your physical attributes match, just if your costume is good. Plus, who wants to spend time on a costume they don't even want to wear, Just have fun!

Costume Contruction

Once you have picked your costume, its time to start working on it. If you are against sewing, some people do buy cosplay costumes on the internet. keep in mind though they are expensive and some cosplayers look down on that. Mainly because for them making the costume is just as much fun as wearing it around. If you are going to make your own here are some things to keep in mind; Time, and Budget.

  • Your budget is very important. It can determine how you can make your costume. Take me for instance. I'm in college, so funds are really low. In my picture above, I am the person in the hat. I made my costume from simply altering other clothing items that were already made. I bought the jacket at good will and order a patch from ebay for around $10. already had the pants, shirt and shoes, and got the characters hat from a game preorder. It was a simple costume that was inexpensive, and people have commented that it is actually a good costume. So decide your budget, and you can make a good costume with almost any budget there is.
  • If you want to construct your costume by making everything, keep in mind that it is most likely to be more expensive as you are buying fabric, buttons, zippers, and a bunch of other things to go with it as well
  • Time is crucial to your costume. Going to a con in a few days? Then you most likely don't have the time to make everything yourself, or if you do, it most likely won't get done in time unless you pull several all nighters, and then sleep through the con. So definaltly keep your time frame in mind.

At the Con or Event

Simply, Have fun! People will want pictures and/or hugs, so practice a pose or two, and have a blast!


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