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Could Hope Actually Fall for Thomas on the Bold and the Beautiful

Updated on December 2, 2019
Cheryl E Preston profile image

Cheryl has been writing breaking news, spoiler alerts and recaps for daytime drama for several years and is a soap fan for five decades.

B&B may flip the script

Soaps She Knows at states that their spoiler alerts come straight from the studio and are reliable. Based on what they are projecting for The Bold and the Beautiful it sounds like Hope and Thomas might hookup. If that happens it would not be a stretch to think that at some point, Hope could fall for the man she now loathes. Since Thomas did not die when he fell off the cliff and was not prosecuted for his crimes it looks like he will be sticking around. This would indicate that at some point Ridge and Taylor's son will be redeemed.

Right now the storyline seems to be making Brooke out to be the villain so it would make sense if Shauna got her husband and her daughter fell for the man who she believes should be committed to a mental health facility. The Bold and the Beautiful redeemed Quinn in spite of her despicable deeds which included kidnapping Liam and pushing Deacon off a cliff. It's a stretch but the script call be flipped and Hope actually fall for Thomas.

Decoding the B&B spoilers

Soaps She Knows makes the following statements regarding Thomas and Hope's upcoming scenes on The Bold and the Beautiful.

1. November 1 " Thomas and Douglas put Hope in a bind with questions about their future together.

2. November 4 "Hope begins to lose control of her plot as Thomas makes an indecent proposal".

3. November 6 "Hope arrives at Forrester Creations with adoption papers and finds a romantic scene set up by Thomas and Douglas".

4. November 7 "Thomas plays on Hope’s vulnerability as she tries to get him to sign the papers"

5. November 8 "The situation between. Thomas and Hope unexpectedly worsen.

It sounds like Hope is going to get in over her head and if Thomas figures out she is playing him, he could revert to his previous ways. Everyone seems to have forgotten that Emma is dead because she crossed Ridge's son. indicates that someone else will soon die, but don't say whether or not Thomas will be involved.

How far will Hope go to be a mother to Douglas

The indecent proposal will more than likely be Thomas asking Hope to Would she be willing to cheat on Liam in order to gain custody of Douglas. It sure sounded like it when she was talking with Brooke on Thursday's episode of The Bold and the Beautiful. Liam is not on board with any of this and the pressure could send him back to Steffy. On Halloween Liam. Steffy, Beth, and Kelly spent some quality time together as Hope put her plan to trick Thomas into motion. It's possible that Hope may be the one who ends up tricked. Thomas and Douglas got to her before and now the steaks are even higher.

Hope has fallen in love with Caroline's son and believes she is supposed to be his mother and raise him. What if she begins seeing a different side to Thomas and actually falls for him as Liam is reconnecting with Steffy? On Thursday's episode of The Bold and the Beautiful Thomas gave his sister a heads up that Liam would be alone with Beth and Steffy took the bate. She ended up with the man she loves while her brother was making moves on Hope. Steffy has not forgotten that her brother deceived her, but they are in agreement when it comes to keeping Hope and Liam apart.

Hope may be in danger

Soap Dirt spoilers are not guaranteed but they do suggest that Thomas and Hope could be pranking each other. Thomas may be playing along just to try to get Hope in his bed. This could be another way that he sticks it to Brooke. He has set things in motion so that his father moved out and Shauna is hot after Ridge. Thomas knows that his stepmom would be livid if Hope actually came back to him. His encouraging Steffy with Liam might work because the connection is already there.

Additional trouble will be brewing because Hope will be angry to find out Liam spent Halloween with Steffy and the girls. He will not be thrilled about her plan to trick Thomas either.

Hope may have Stockholm syndrom

Since writing this article, a lot ha transpired but the main issue of Hope falling for Thomas is still a possibility. Because she feels guilty for his fall into the vat of liquid, her emotions are just right to be manipulated. Thomas is crafty and in time he may cause Ms. Logan to develop Stockholm Syndrom. The Bold and the Beautiful will have to do something to shake up the "Lope" and "Steam" love triangle and having Hope believe she is falling for the man who tormented her would keep the drama going. Be sure to stay tuned to The Bold and the Beautiful weekday afternoons on CBS at 1:30 PM EST.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Cheryl E Preston


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