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Could Spencer Hasting Be "A" or The Big Bad In Pretty Little Liars?!

Updated on February 22, 2014

Spencer Hasting: Is She Hiding One To Many Secrets?

Spencer Hasting: Beauty And The Brain!
Spencer Hasting: Beauty And The Brain!

Spencer Hasting: Intelligent, Beautiful, and Talented

When we are first introduced to the character "Spencer Hasting" on Pretty Little Liars, we are introduced to a character that is wealthy, an over achiever, and an intelligent individual. These are characteristics of a strong character type (but these are also traits of something bigger).She constantly is taking the time to juggle many activities at one time. A characteristic that seems to apply to all of the Hasting family members including Spencer's older sister Melissa. She is very confident for most of the time and does not appear to break very easily. Throughout the beginning of Pretty Little Liars these traits of this character are very apparent. She is president of the student body and is a member of the girl's lacrosse team at Rosewood High.

Spencer Hasting has many different relationships with many main characters in the Pretty Little Liars universe. The main relationship she has is with the character Toby Cavanaugh. The relationship between these two characters is definitely one of a romantic standing. These two characters have gone through a lot through the series and it shows that during the times where there is a strain between these twos are the times where it becomes most rough and difficult for our dear beloved Spencer.

Spencer also has three best friends, the other three main protagonists in the Pretty Little Liars Universe: Aria Montgomery, Hannah Marin, and Emily Fields. The Big "A," whom we are never really sure is, always puts Spencer and these three girls through the roughest High School experience I think anyone in the past has had. I mean come on being tormented for many years by some mysterious character threatening you and putting you in many dangerous situations is a lot for anyone to deal with.

The family relationships that Spencer has are not what I would deem as very strong relationships. Her parents are often working their butts off to provide the kind of life style that the Hasting family has come to live by. Due to this Spencer's parents are not often home and this leaves Spencer alone at the house a lot more of the time then not. Like I mentioned earlier, Spencer has an older sister named Melissa. Melissa has many of the same characteristics that Spencer has. She herself has a high drive to succeed and will do most anything to reach that goal. For a long time many viewers believed that Melissa had something to do with the night Alison DiLarentis disappeared. I myself though that she might have had something to do with it, until the most recent episodes of Pretty Little Liars has emerged.

This now leads to the new thoughts that have been forming in my mind, have us as viewers been looking at the wrong Hasting sister that did something to Alison?

#1 Spencer Has The Skills Needed To Be "A"

Throughout through all of Pretty Little Liars it is apparent that Spencer is the most intelligent out of all the characters. This is apparent with her good grades in school and all her over achieving moments in her life both social and academic. She is always at least ten steps ahead of everyone regarding anything. She is often the one leading the liars down theories of who A could be and leads them to many different areas due to thoughts and ideas she has on who "A" could be. She is athletic, daring, and determined these three traits are definitely needed to play the "A" game on both sides. However, as this article progresses you will discover my theory is a little deeper then her just playing the girls.

Spencer Hasting Looking Tired After A Long Day Of Being "A?"

Here is a picture of Spencer during one of her down moments as we have seen as viewers she also has psychological problems that have occurred in the past!
Here is a picture of Spencer during one of her down moments as we have seen as viewers she also has psychological problems that have occurred in the past!

#2 Spencer Has The Resources Needed To Be "A"

It is apparent that no matter who "A" is they will need some money to be able to pull of everything that they have done. A could not pull off all of the things he and/or she does without the resources and money to do it. The Hasting family is very wealthy, this is said by many conversations between the girls one such conversation was when Aria was asking for fashion advice as to what she should wear to the event with Ezra where his mother was going to be. When the other liar asked how Ezra's mother was she was like Diamonds and Chiffon, and the other girl was like ask Spencer that seems more like her type. Another fact that proves that Spencer has the wealth to pull off being "A" is the whole Hasting family has memberships at the country club and both Mr. and Mrs. Hasting have good jobs that pay well. Spencer is often seen with new pieces of technology before others are on the shown with similar devices which is another clue that her family has the wealth and can unknowingly be funding the "A" team.

Spencer Hasting Being Put In Radley!

Spencer Does Not Actually Know She Is "A"!

As I stated earlier that further down in this article I was going to go more in depth into my theory of Spencer being "A." I was not able to form this theory until after last Tuesday's episode of Pretty Little Liars "Free Fall." After initially watching the episode this idea did not form until it was able to sit and brew inside my brain for a little while. The main reason this idea started to form was due to a couple small scenes within the episode of "Free Fall."

The first scene that put a small seed of an idea within my head was one of the beginning scenes. This scene had Spencer asleep on Mr. Ezra's desk. When she woke up she did not know how, why, or when she got to the High School or why she was there. This at first I chalked up to her recent drug usage and that she was just having a down due to the drugs at the moment. However, as the episode progressed a little longer it was discovered that Spencer has had these issues before about two years ago.

If any of my fellow Pretty Little Liars do the math that would put the previous issues around the time of Alison's disappearance.

Once my brain discovered that this was the case it made me start to think of more evidence that Spencer could have had something to do with Alison's disappearance without having any recollection of having anything to do with it.

Getting Cozy With "A?"

At One Time Everyone Thought Toby Was "A," Could He Be Dating The Real "A," Spencer, Now?
At One Time Everyone Thought Toby Was "A," Could He Be Dating The Real "A," Spencer, Now?


Who Do You Think Is "A" On Pretty Little Liars?

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Sparia, Does Aria Know?

They Seem Like Really Close Friends, Aria And Spencer, Does Aria Suspect Something Is Off With Her?!
They Seem Like Really Close Friends, Aria And Spencer, Does Aria Suspect Something Is Off With Her?!

#3 Spencer Has Had Previous Issues With Drugs

It was revealed during the episode of "Free Fall" that Spencer has had previous drugs issues about 2 years ago which would put that around the time of Alison's disappearance. It has been shown that while Spencer is on drugs that she has moments of time that she does not recall. This was very evident when she woke up at the high school asleep on Ezra's desk, or the fact that she tried to call Emily at 4am without recalling having done this. This then leads me to believe that she may have done something to Alison, or planned something against Alison, or even was the mastermind behind helping her disappear. I am not 100% sure that she was the one that was trying to hurt Alison but like I said it is very apparent that she has moments of blackouts and of times that she can not recall.

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#4 Spencer Was The First To Realize That Alison Was Missing

So all my fellow Pretty Little Liar fans if we all go back to the first episode of this series, who was the first person to realize that Alison was missing? That's right everyone is was Spencer Hasting. After the disappearance Aria wakes up and looks around the barn to see that both Alison and Spencer are missing from the barn. A few seconds later Spencer comes back in the barn saying that Alison is missing and that she heard screaming. Is this the truth? This is where my theory may get a little confusing for everyone to follow but it leads me to believe that Spencer may have done something to Alison while she was in a blackout state due to her drug usage. When she was snapped out of her drug blackout she may have recalled something of the blackout stage, the screaming. If anyone has been blacked out before, whether it be from alcohol, drugs, or for some other reason, you understand that as time goes you start to somewhat remember certain small things that happened during that time. You never remember the whole big picture but small important things can once again come to light. I would think screaming might be one of these small memories that surfaced from this blackout.

Spencer Hasting Beautiful And Deadly!

Spencer Knows How To Get What She Wants! Was Alison In The Way?
Spencer Knows How To Get What She Wants! Was Alison In The Way?

Awesome Poster Of Spencer Hasting!

If you are a fan of the character Spencer Hasting then I highly recommend adding this fabric poster to your collection. This is a great poster that would look great on your wall or on the wall of any Pretty Little Liar fan. This poster is durable and will not be damaged as easily as a regular paper poster. This is a lasting collectible great for anyone!


#5 Alison Ran Away While Meeting With Emily When Spencer Showed Up

If we all recall a few episodes ago Emily was meeting with Alison. Alison asked that she does not mention the meeting to anyone not even Alison's other friends. This to me seemed a little weird seeing as all of them were supposedly very good friends. Anyway, Emily mentioned to Spencer that Alison wanted to meet with her and to not come and follow her to not scare Alison away. Spencer mentioned that it seemed that Alison was trying to split them all up and drive a hole between all of their friendships. Anyway, as the episode progresses Emily goes to meet Alison and Spencer follows her. Emily and Alison were talking when it was apparent that someone else was there, Spencer, we as viewers recognized her voice but Alison still ran away.

This action although small at the moment did not seem like a big deal until my mind started to form my theory on Spencer. Maybe, Alison ran away, even knowing it was Spencer, because she is still afraid of her.

Thank You For Supporting Me!

Thank you everyone that read this article I posted on my theory on Spencer and how I believe that she could be "A." Feel free to vote in my poll on this page and or leave comments below with some of your theories. Also, if you are a Pretty Little Liars fan make sure to check out some of my other blogs I posted on the topic. If you like what you've read feel free to follow me here, facebook, or twitter. I can't wait to get to know as many fellow fans!


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    • Stephanie Arnott profile imageAUTHOR

      Stephanie Arnott 

      4 years ago from California

      I feel the same exact way. I can't stop watching it and I always feel like it really does come down to just Alison being the big culprit and trying to pin everyone against each other. Just through all we've been showed of Alison I don't even know why they'd want to help her now.

    • thebiologyofleah profile image

      Leah Kennedy-Jangraw 

      4 years ago from Massachusetts

      Interesting theory, I think the information that Spencer has had a previous problem with drugs sheds some new light and allows for some new speculation.

      At this point in the show, overall, I just feel like everything is a false lead. And over the seasons of the show they have ruled out some many people that are not 'A' it's just getting a little ridiculous because there aren't many suspects left. That being said I just can't stop watching every week!


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