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Could Tupac Shakur Have Faked His Own Death? Unknown Facts

Updated on September 14, 2014

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The conspiracy on if Tupac Shakur faked his death is huge, and it seems all the clues have been spread, and millions of people around the world have been searching for them and studied them, to find out.. if Tupac Shakur actually faked his own death.

I have written 3 articles on this subject, where you can start with the first article, and work your way to reading the others through this one...

But after all these facts I put in those articles, there still lie some big facts that are hidden beneath all of what has been brought up to the public eye.

Motive To Fake Death:

Many know Tupac's mom was in the Black Panthers party, which is a revolutionary party in comparison with all other political parties there are now. From Tupac Shakur's mom having this background, it has given Tupac Shakur, a "revolutionary mindset" which is why you see he is so inspirational, and in result, was targeted by the illuminati/secret-societies.

Since Tupac Shakur was targeted by the illuminati/secret society, this forced him to fake his own death to save his own life (if he faked his death).

The question that is now on people's minds now though is, what would Tupac Shakur do if he came back. Looking at Tupac Shakur's lyrics, he seems to aim them at creating a massive-riot, which I think, is an attempt to cause fear in his rivals upon his return.

Before we get into what he may do upon his return though, let's look into the "deep-facts" on him faking his death.

Unknown Facts:

The 7 day-theory is the most relevant clue in Tupac faking his own death. With how many 7s there are that result in him faking his death, it seems bizarre and out of proportion that you just think, "he must have faked his own death". What caused him to make these 7s though?

According to sources, Tupac had an obsession with the number 7, because in "numerology" it is the number of perfection. And the build-up of all these 7s, would be to produce his plan going perfect all the way to the end on his return, to have his plan aced to the T.

Looking deeper at this though.. could Tupac Shakur really pull-off this plan? Have any of you thought about how massive this plan really was? It seems people themselves almost created the plan, because it seems too huge to be true.

Staying on the topic of numerology... let's look into Tupac Shakur's background.

Tupac Shakur was born on, June/16/1971. In numerology, to get your "life-path" number, you must add up all the numbers in your birthday (excluding the year number) to a single digit to get the number of your lifepath, unless of course, you are master number, 11, 22, 33, or 44.

Let's dissect Tupac's birthday. 6+16 = 22. Tupac Shakur was a master number in numerology, and the number 22, is the "master builder".

So.. was Tupac Shakur able to pull-off this brilliant and huge plan? According to numerology, he was destined too.

Now that we got into a deep-rooted fact on if this plan was possible (it seems it is) let's look into what he would do if he were to return.


Possibilities Of Arrival:

According to his lyrics, Tupac Shakur is going to start a massive riot upon his return, but this might all just be a distraction from what he really plans to do, and it is an attempt to create fear in the hearts of his rivals.

"All warfare is based on deception" -Sun Tzu

Many believed Tupac was going to return "7" years after his death, which according to people, was the original plan until, the feds created a way to inprison Tupac on "conspiracy" on him making a lyric that aims towards, which looks like, Tupac killing Biggie Smalls. Since this happened, the date was then changed to "2014" for Tupac to return. (This is just conspiracy though).

And if he was to return after 7 years, Tupac would have got his ballots ready to run for president. Tupac expressed making his own political party and had his mom's background as the black-panthers, and because of him expressing this, this "may" have caused all his run-ins with authorities.

So... is all the fright a distracting build-up, while Tupac makes an attempt to run for president? According to a song by "Rick-Ross and Meek Mill" where they lay-out Tupac's plan in "Tupac Back", it is. Meek Mill: "Put my wrist on froze, "presidential is gold".

If Tupac were to return, and make an attempt to run for president on-top of it.. it would be a non-stop buzz that would hit the minds of every individual across the globe, he would without a doubt win presidency.

What if this wasn't the plan though? What if the plan was much more simpler than that, and he simply planned to fake his death to stack his money, and make his own record label that would take over, and bring all revolutionary music with no chance of it burning down because of all the paper he's making. People he would sign of course, would be "Kasinova Tha Don", The Outlawz, and so-on.

Nobody knows the exact plan of what Tupac has planned out (if he faked his death) and all we can do is think and assume, but with all the facts out there now... you gotta wonder.... is this really going to go down? This is up for you to decide.

Outlawz/E.D.I: "They yelling Tupac back? Nah he aint back. The homie never left and that's a well known fact."

Hussein Fatal/Street Kings Lyric: "Unless you disappear on em, you wait umpteen years and REAPEAR on em".

Tupac/Ballad Of A Dead Soulja Lyric: "Upon my secret arrival, Two glock four-fives, time for survival, death to my rivals".

New Article Here: Is Tupac Dead Or Alive?


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© 2014 PoeticPhilosophy


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    • profile image

      SINDAS 2 years ago

      HE'S STILL ALIVE. Just do the proper research and you will find. Look up Kasinova Tha Don, Pac puts music out through this guy.

    • profile image

      miclo 2 years ago

      PAC IS ALIVE ...... living political self made leader whos words of wisdom gives us power amongst are enemies who are the dimiss of our world... those cowards who hide with ther fake smiles promising us nothin but lies the ones who choose money an power rather than ther own soul...... the murdering of our people rather of any race..... those who benefit from the wars and the tragic poverty of our nation..... LONG LIVE THE ONE I FOLLOW THE WORDS OF A TRUE LEADER THE ONE WHO SHOWED WAT THE TRUE MEAN ING OF THE WORD THUG is...... tupac shakur....

    • profile image

      2PAC 3 years ago

      To all my fans ,jus know that i am with u .I was framed bye the same people who shot me in N.y.They tried to exstort me and i resisted .There next plot was to frame me with the rape charge to sew me for millions.I had to fake my death to stay free and alive also to support my family my true fans understand .Immortal Outlaw love until the of time Tupac

    • profile image

      Dee 3 years ago

      2Pac is dead. I don't how he possibly can be alive and he's in the graveyard. That shit doesn't make sense. He ain't coming back and will rest in peace

    • profile image

      smalley 3 years ago

      Don't forget in some of his songs how he mentioned that he's a rebel of da underground...da G is still alive

    • profile image

      deedeedee 3 years ago

      This is insanely restarded. They thought he was going to come back on year 7? I didn't know that. Im sure they thought he was going to come back on year 8,9,10,11,12, also. And if he doesn't come back this year(2014) I'm sure plenty of idiots will jump to 2016. Or maybe 2023????? (2+2+3=7) OMFG.... (Mind blown) Don't get me wrong, this stuff is interesting. But people take it to far sometimes..

    • profile image

      7 = perfection 3 years ago

      I have a feeling that PAC is hiding with dre. Dre is the master of perfection

    • profile image

      T budda 3 years ago

      Pac still lives one love from the old school Bx.We were boys with 2Pac Big daddy Cane K.R.S1 ant nothing like the old school and PAC has a song with that name I feel like I'm the only person that I never believed he died I always said he is alive allthugh some said different.

    • profile image

      san makaveli 3 years ago

      The G... is still alive

    • profile image

      finney Makaveli rozay ojong 4 years ago

      Just imagine d many contradictions abt wether makaveli is alive, or nt. Simply makes us understand dat, d 's something cunny abt his death .... I doubt he's dead, and I believe he'll come back.... d don is alive...

    • PoeticPhilosophy profile image

      PoeticPhilosophy 4 years ago from Canada

      Thanks Dana. Yeah, he was highly inspirational, and lots of people do think he's alive, but all we can do is contemplate and have our own personal-opinion, haha. Would be awesome and cool if he was still alive.

    • Dana Tate profile image

      Dana Tate 4 years ago from LOS ANGELES

      Very interesting article my friend ! I was one of Tupac Shakur's biggest fans and still listen to his music today. However, I truly don't believe he is still alive although nothing would have made me more happier. I believe he was at the top of his game and their was so much more we would have seen from him. I will be following your hub closely because I am interested in what your other follower's think on this matter... always a fan of yours....dana