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Country Music and Gospel Songs For Funerals

Updated on January 6, 2011
Copyright Amber Renee
Copyright Amber Renee

Although many people cringe at the thought of planning music for a loved one's funeral, unfortunately everyone must face this challenge at some point in their life. Although I am a photographer, I also make photo dvd slideshows for people. On occasion, I am asked to make a slideshow for a person's funeral services. I decided to sit down and gather some of the songs I have previously used. I am hoping this article will take the leg work out of rummaging through songs to find appropriate lyrics. I have also included links to the various mp3s that can be listened to and or purchased through Amazon or a variety of other music providers.

June Carter Cash and Johnny Cash sing, "I'll Fly Away."

Here are some examples of country and country gospel remakes that may be appropriate for a funeral service or a slideshow:

One of the first songs that comes to mind that is perfect to play at a funeral is Vince Gill's song, "Go Rest High On That Mountain". This song is a beautiful song that brings peace and many times tears to those who are left behind here on earth, but it is a song that is very appropriate for a funeral service.

Another song that I have found is appropriate for a funeral service is Diamond Rio's song entitled, "I Believe". This song talks about the deep love a person has for another person and how that love goes beyond your mortal life here on earth. Diamond Rio also has a song entitled, "One More Day," that talks about how the you wish you had one more day to spend with your loved one.

One song that I repeatedly use is a song by Garth Brooks called The Dance. This song is so powerful because it cherishes the time you had with your loved one. The song also discusses how even though things didn't go as you may have planned you wouldn't have changed a thing.

Other Helpful Songs

Kenny Chesney released a song called, "Who You'd Be Today," this song talks about losing someone way to early; such as a young child or even a young adult. The song mentions the idea that the person died too young and Kenny sings about wondering what the person would be like if they were still alive and who they would have became.

Dolly Parton and Brad Paisley also have a song they sang together entitled, "When I Get Where I'm Going (Featuring Dolly Parton)". This song is a great song. The song is sang from the perspective that when you get to heaven everything will be okay and that the people left behind on earth can be reassured that the loved one is okay.

Other helpful songs:

  • Angels Among Us
  • Holes In The Floor Of Heaven
  • I Miss My Friend

Specfic Songs and Gospel Ideas

Specific populations:

Veterans:Arlington by Trace Adkins

Children:Sissy's Song by Alan Jackson. Or Angels In Waiting by Tammy Cochran.


Various Artists sing the song I'll Fly Away, but my favorite renditions are from Johnny Cash and Alan Jackson.

Jodee Messina is famous for her wild and rambunctious songs but she released a song entitled, Heaven Was Needing A Hero. This song is simply beautiful.

Emerson drive has a beautiful version of I Can Only Imagine. This song is another beautiful song that many people choose to use in funeral services.

Uplifting songs:

  • In The Sweet By And By
  • The Old Rugged Cross.

One of my grandmother's favorite songs was, "In The Garden." I cherish this song not only because of my grandmother's love for it but for the memories we shared. I have heard this song sang at many funeral services. The song has been covered by many artists from all music genres. Everyone from Elvis to country stars like Brad Paisley. Brad Paisley's version can be found here: In The Garden

Ultimately These Songs Are Suggestions

The main thing to remember is that ultimately this is a funeral for the person you love. It is good to look through songs that may remind you of that person. For example, consider the things your loved one's liked to do or the things they believed in. Every funeral service can be made special and should be tailored to honor the person whom you have lost.


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