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Country Singer Rising

Updated on August 16, 2012

Rising Star

Country singer Waylon Collins is on the fast track in the Ozarks making everyone that listens to his music automatically become a die heart fan. Being a new die heart fan that literally just listened to his music today, I thought he deserved to have a little recognition. Also, I believe that his music is such an inspiration. The lyrics in his songs associate with millions of country fans therefore I say "share the music!"

In the link that I listened to there are five songs featured. Each one he wrote by himself based on the experiences in his life.

The five songs on the site that he has are Hey, Crawl, Trouble, She Ain't Coming Back, and What if I said I was Leavin. All five songs I could make a personal connection with which I believe is the key point in all songs.

My favorite of the songs though would have to be Crawl. When listening to this song I won't lie a few tears left mascara streak marks on my face. The song hitting me on a personal level.

I have to say for Waylon Collins being so young he is an exeptional artist that I would love to be able to hear on my radio! Since these songs are an inspiration to me I will have a link on the bottom of the page for you to be able to listen to his music also. If he post more I will be sure to also post the links to them.

Feel free to comment on the music if you like it, I would love to know which songs you enjoyed the most. I have to warn you though it is hard to pick just one!


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