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Couples Retreat

Updated on February 24, 2013

Another mediocre romantic comedy.

In the words of Vince Vaughn (Dave), "There must have been some kind of mistake. You see, we signed on for the fun stuff." Peter Serafinowicz (Sctanley) replies, "You either take part in the entire package, or have none of it." Which means for the viewer, in addition to the laughs you'll get from this film, you also have to put up with a cliche ridden script and rushed story development, just to get a happy ending. I'll be honest, I normally loathe and detest romantic comedies, due to their predictable nature. However, I am a fan of Vince Vaughn as that was the sole reason, I went to see this movie. Unfortunately, not even his performance could save this one. The film is about four couples, whom go to Eden Couple Resort, to work out their problems. What starts off as an ideal vacation plan, so the couples could bring back the spark in their relationships. Quickly, turns into a trip of self discovery and recollection.....well for the men mostly. As it seems like all other modern romantic comedies, the fault lies with all the men as each one is either neglecting their wife's needs or is in self denial. Sure, you have Jennifer (Tasha Smith), whom plays the part of an ex-wife that realizes she made a mistake leaving Shane (Faizon Love), around the end.  However, Shane too comes to realize that the only reason he's dating his teenage girl friend, Trudi (Kali Hawk), is merely to try to relive his youth, so he can forget about his painful break up with his ex-wife.  Of course, Dave is a neurotic self absorbed husband.  Jason (Jason Bateman) is a control freak.  As for Joey (Jon Favreau) and Lucy (Kristin Davis).....lets just say they have a very open relationship; that doesn't get resolved until Joey decides to start being more faithful to his marriage.  According this film, almost every issue these couples have is the man's fault, which makes this film too freaking predictable.  Riddled with too many cliches as it completely takes away from most of the comedy in the movie.  Sure, "Couples Retreat" has it's moments like the massage scene, where Lucy and Joey try to hit on their masseuses, but fail miserably as one turns out gay and the other just isn't interested.  Or the famous scene where Salvadore (Carlos Ponce), the yoga trainer, hits on Ronnie (Malin Akerman), and Dave steps in wanting to beat up the guy was freaking hilarious. Unfortunately, that doesn't make up for a mediocre romantic comedy.  "Couples Retreat" is good for a few laughs, but it's not worth the admission price at a theater or a rental fee.


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