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Coupling series

Updated on August 27, 2013


Series review

This is a British television sitcom written by Stefan Moffat. It aired in 2000 and ended 2004. The series was about a group of friends on their dating and sexual journeys. The show was inspired by the creator’s relationship with his wife. The show starred Jack Davenport (Steve Taylor), Sarah Alexander (Susan Walker), Richard Coyle (Jeff Murdock), Kate Isitt (Sally Harper), Ben Miles (Patrick Maitland) and Jane Christie (Gina Bellman). The pilot episode showed how they all got together and became friends.

Steve is dating Jane but wants to break up with her because he has been with her too long. He is best friends with Jeff, who can be able to get women but has a tendency of getting nervous and saying stupid things. Steve meets Susan while on the verge of trying to break up with Jane and plan a date. Jane is a beautiful woman who dated Steve for 5 years. She is a bit mad and possessive when Steve tries to break it off. When he finds out that Steve is on a date when he didn’t officially break it off, she breaks of with him. Susan meets Steve and is attracted to him immediately and they form a relationship. She is organized and very open when it comes to sex, which Steve likes. However she is insecure about Jane, because she is pretty and is bisexual. Susan used to date Patrick for a while but broke up. Patrick is a ladies man and gets plenty of women and even tapes them hooking up. Sally is best friends with Susan and has insecurities with her body thinking that she is fat and old. Patrick is attracted to her, as she is to him and they form a relationship in the fourth season.

This is one of my favorite British series. My sister showed this show and the first episode I watched ever was “Inferno” which is my favorite. It has the development of Steve and Susan’s relationship when Susan cleans his apartment and he gets scared she might go through his video collection, which she did, and find porn. I love how they invite the friends for a dinner party and hilarity ensues when everyone knows about the tape. My favorite characters are Jeff, Patrick and Sally. Jeff is just so funny with his nervousness and has everything for social stuff like the sock gap and the giggle loop. Patrick has his way with women and knows how to get with his big ‘equipment’. Sally is funny because of every flaw she sees that is not there. We women have our insecurities but hers goes a little too far, from getting older and dying to her butt being too big. If you haven’t watched the show, I think it is on YouTube and Netflix.


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