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Courageous: A Movie Review

Updated on January 21, 2012

I was in the mood to watch a movie tonight, but not sure what type of movie I wanted to see. So I browsed through Netflix, but did not find anything to fit my mood. So I popped over to, to their instant viewing movies. I came across the movie "Courageous". I clicked on it to read the description and watch the trailer. Right away I knew I found the movie I was in the mood to watch. I was not disappointed, far from it I was greatly moved and impressed by it. I do not usually watch "Christian" movies, read "Christian" books or listen to "Christian" music. I do not approve of making money using GOD. But this movie sends out such a powerful message not so much about GOD (although that is also in it) as about what it is to be a father. What a father's responsibility is towards his children and how children suffer when they do not have a father in their lives.

This film was written and produced by Alex Kendrick and his brother Stephen. It is the fourth movie they have made. Both Alex and his son Joshua play in the movie.

This movie will make you cry as well as have your heart pounding in suspense during a scary shoot out between the officers and some gang members. Throughout this story is the message of how important it is to be a good father, to raise your children by teaching them what is right and good, and setting an example for them. Love and a strong family bond is also a strong message.

There are no super models in this movie. Everyone looks just like the folks you see in your every day life. There is no foul language or sex scenes or half naked women running around in it. When I was growing up, I would watch tv with my grandparents. Sometimes I wanted to see movies that were action packed and suspenseful, but more often than not they had some or all of those things in them and I would feel embarrassed to be watching such stuff . Later when I got out on my own and did not have to be careful of what I watched, I would still feel that sense of embarrassment. Always in the back of my head was the knowledge that my grandparents would not approve. I can tell you that not only would my grandparents approve of this movie, they would love it. I would be proud to watch it with them, if they were still here to watch it with.

I think this movie should be required watching for every father or would be father...mothers could also benefit from the message within it. Take a shot, I really think you will enjoy this movie.


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  • tlmcgaa70 profile image

    tlmcgaa70 5 years ago from south dakota, usa

    maybe not always, was either this movie or the last one they made grossed 35 million in the theaters. they made 4 movies. the others are flywheel, fireproof and...shoot i cant remember, i think the love dare or something. fireproof stars kirk cameron. they write, direct and produce their own movies as a way of reaching others. you can read more about it here...

    i hope you get a chance to see it. my Godmother says it is the best movie she ever saw.

  • drbj profile image

    drbj and sherry 5 years ago from south Florida

    This seems to be a wholesome movie for the entire family, T.L. Is it worth watching? Yes, probably. Will it earn much money? No, probably not.

    Unfortunately, in today's world, action and sex in the movies is what brings in the dollars. At least that's what the producers and backers believe.