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Court TV Cases Jeanine Pirro

Updated on March 1, 2011

I have always wondered myself who goes in front of national TV to air their dirty laundry, legal battles and sour relationships. Apparently plenty of people. There is no shortage of episodes for Court TV or any reality or talk shows. Word is the staff of these shows scour the local small claims dockets to find willing participants for court TV cases.

How much can they pay these people to participate in this courtroom drama? If you pay close attention to the credits at the end of the show there is some language about being paid from a fund but it scrolls so fast noone really can read that fast. Typical legal maneuver. It goes something like this:

"Each participant in each case has been paid an appearance fee, from which the total of the judgment is taken and given to the plaintiff as necessary." So if they're both being paid $5k, and the defendant owes the plaintiff $3k, then the plaintiff gets $8k and the defendant gets $2k. Of course from that amount you should deduct court fees and filings fees.

I'm not one to watch much TV but recently on a rainy day and failing miserably to decide on a topic for a hub, I flicked the new flat screen Vizio on. I immediately saw a mature attractive female Judge Pirro in her black robe hearing a case in her TV court room. Intrigued by court TV case and our justice system I was curious as to how this particular judge would rule. The case involved a mother, the plaintiff, suing her son and his girlfriend, the defendants, for failing to make timely payments on a car she, the plaintiff had sold them.

Court TV Cases with Judge Jeanine Pirro
Court TV Cases with Judge Jeanine Pirro

My first impression of the young defendants was that they were party animals, irresponsible in life and finances in general and would probably be made to pay for the car they entered into the agreement to purchase.

I was not prepared for the series of questions from the judge to both parties. As truth came out and son admits to drinking and being an addict we also find out he had lived in several foster homes before being adopted by his now mother. The defendant and his girlfriend had paid a total of $300 of the total $1200 agreed on the car and signed a promissory note for the balance. Having taken the car back for non payment, the mother had already resold it and was trying to collect the balance.

From experience in regular auto dealerships transactions I know that if you can't make payment on your vehicle, even after they repo it, you are still liable for the balance. Unfair, yes but unfortunately that is the law.

Based on her findings in this particular case the judge finds for the defendant! Not only the defendants don't have to pay for the car but the judge awards them for pain and suffering. The way Judge Pirro saw it, instead of helping this young man that obviously already had a traumatic childhood and gone through enough family trauma, the mother (the Plaintiff) started him on alcohol and drugs at a young age which eventually turned him into the addict that he is today. The judge reams out the plaintiff mother, awards the defendant "X" amount of dollars and tells him to stop the drinking and boozing and straighten out his life. Sometimes in life all that is needed is someone from the outside to call you out.

This judge has character. I believe she rules with common sense. Unlike so many other judges in real life that hide behind the letter of the law she ruled I believe with righteousness.

Why can't we have more judges like the ones on TV? Most of these judges on TV seem to have a bit more spine than the real life ones we come across. They are certainly good orators and commentators and have an abundance of charisma, otherwise they would not be on TV as celebrities.

Even the tougher ones like Judge Judy have a certain amount of chutzpah and dose out fair verdicts. Who doesn't love Judge Judy!

I was extremely impressed with this judge although I had never seen her before. In looking her up apparently she is quite known and highly admired. She's been a regular on Fox TV after having left the bench in New York's Westchester County. Previous to that she was ASA and before that a prosecutor. She is a conservative at the core with a soft spot for social issues. Most of TV judges seem like they are.

Other TV Judges worth mentioning are Judge Alex and Judge Mathis and of course the man who started it all Judge Wapner.


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    • Bail Up ! profile imageAUTHOR

      Bail Up ! 

      7 years ago

      James A Watkins

      I don't watch much TV, but court room judges and "Dog-the Bounty Hunter" I'll watch anytime. Glad you liked it.

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 

      7 years ago from Chicago

      Thank you for the excellent reportage. I like Jeanine Pirro though I have not seen her TV show where she is a judge. I enjoyed your story very much. :-)


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