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10 Rockin' Cover Songs

Updated on May 1, 2014

Simple Man by Shinedown

The original by Lynyrd Skynyrd is a fine song. It was a good enough song to get covered by lots of bands, but Shinedown really nailed it. They have a rock version and an acoustic version, with the latter being my personal favorite. This version is full of passion and has a way of capturing people. If you told someone this was their song, they wouldn't have a hard time believing you. Skynyrd's version is just a rock song, while Shinedown's version is raw emotion. Shinedown sounds fantastic live because Brent Smith's amazing voice so the video is a the most recent concert I could find. The video is about a minute longer than the recorded version because of the performance. If you're still not convinced, then check out both recorded versions from their deluxe cd "Leave a Whisper".

Bad Company by Five Finger Death Punch

The original song was performed by Bad Company. They were popular in the 70's and 80's and this song was well known. Five Finger Death Punch is a hard rock band that supports the troops any way they can. Most of their tours stop by military bases around the world so they can perform for the troops. They decided to use their tour footage for the music video that goes to their version. The original was just a song. It isn't bad, I just find it boring. Once again, more emotion can lead to a cover being fantastic. This song can be found on the cd "War is the Answer".

Rocky Mountain Way by Godsmack

I hate the original version by Joe Walsh. It just sounds like the typical music from the 70's. I find it kind of annoying how high his voice is too. I'm not saying it's a bad song, I'm just saying I don't like that style. If you truly like rock, then you know who Godsmack is. Their version is heavier and his voice is solid. The only people who like the old version better probably don't like rock at all and they're probably stuck in the 70's. Godsmack is a better band than Barnstorm. Better music...better vocals...this updated version is just better overall. If you only like classic rock, then listen to Ozzy's version. Godsmack released a single, titled "Rocky Mountain Way" with this cover on it.

White Flag by Fall of Envy

The original version by Dido is a pop song that took radio stations by storm. I think she sounds like she's compaining the whole time, but also trying to be strong willed. Fall of Envy covered this song and gave it a new tone. This band took girly lyrics and threw them in with electric guitars to make it sound good. The music makes the lyrics seem less whiny. Fall of Envy is a rock band that isn't very popular but their cover is fantastic. This song can be found on their "Poetic Rage Special Edition" cd.

Holy Diver by Killswitch Engage

"Oh no he didn't!".........Yes, I did. The original by Dio is a good song. I especially like the kickass video. Dio is a "heavy metal" band but their version of Holy Diver is just another rock song. Ronnie James Dio's voice is great. He didn't sing the song with any emotion at all. He just sings. On the other hand, Killswitch's version is much harder, Howard Jones' vocals are full of emotion, and their video is awesome. They really stepped it up and created a badass cover all around. This song can be found on the cd "As Daylight Dies".

Apologize by Silverstein

The original, by One Republic, is just a radio song. They made it with Timbaland so they could attract all his fans too. It worked because the song got very popular and was on every hits station across the nation. Unfortunately, their version like most radio songs, is not rock music. Silverstein decided to pick it up a little bit and succeeded with this great rock cover. Real rock fans should appreciate this. It's on the "Punk Goes Pop Volume 2" cd.

Runaway by Silverstein

Kanye's version is for radio fans. When I first heard Kanye's version, I have to admit, I thought it was extremely catchy. When I discovered that Silverstein covered it I couldn't get to YouTube fast enough. I love rock music and this version by Silverstein is downright killer. The lyrics are kind of funny because anyone else saying what Kanye said sounds weird. The rock music really sets a new tone for this song. It's on "Punk Goes Pop 4".

Careless Whisper by Seether

George Michael's first solo project away from Wham! produced a song that has been covered probably a million times. The memorable saxophone sticks in everyone's brains. If you lived through the 80's, you've heard that sax riff and know exactly what's coming. Seether decided saxophones were too old school jazzy and mimicked the riff with a guitar. The cover is all rock instead of the 80's pop sound. This version is on Seether's cd "Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces". They embrace all things old school with their video game music video.

In The Air Tonight by The Protest

This song, Originally by Phil Collins is awesome. I've always loved this song, despite my indifference towards Phil. I'm just not into his type of music. The 80's never grabbed my attention as something to get deeply invested in, but this song, is great. The Protest is a very uncommon band. Their genre seems to be hard rock with heavy Christian beliefs mixed into all their music. They pride themselves on spreading the word of God through music. This rock cover is on their cd "The Protest EP".

All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You by Halestorm

Heart's All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You is a classic from the 80's. I like the original, but I like how Halestorm made it more of a rock song. Her voice is sexy and the band is much better than Heart. They released a cd called "Reanimate: The Covers EP" with nothing but cover songs on it. Halestorm did a solid job on all of them, with this one being my favorite.

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