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Craft Wars -- Halloween Crafts

Updated on August 15, 2012

Tori actually looked nice, tonight. She had a nice looking dress on. Her hair looked nice. The only bad spot was wearing blue eye shadow instead of green to go with her outfit. The kicker? She was dressed up for Halloween. Yeah, that made me laugh, too. She looks nice when she dresses up for Halloween, and she looks a fright when she dresses for every day.

The contestants this week are:

Angela from Reno, Nevada. She likes to recycle trash into treasure. Her assistant is Pattye.

Mason from Washington DC. His assistant is his sister, Taylor.

And Ashley from Los Angeles. Ashley creates elaborate costumes. Ashley's assistant is Megan.

The Pop Craft Challenge is to create a Halloween-themed pillow made out of stuffed animals.

Ashley is going to make a wolfman pillow.

Mason going to make a sleeping bag pillow with a gravestone on it.

Angela is going to make a Franken-monster pillow.

Mason runs into trouble when the thick fur he's trying to sew together keeps jamming the sewing machine. He has to give up on the sleeping bag and try and quickly whip up a backpack pillow. It seems like this happens to one crafter every week. They plan this craft for the Pop Craft Challenge and half-way through have to go in a different way. More often than not the person this happens to is the one who gets eliminated.

None of the end products are perfect. Ashley is judged to be messy, but the face she created was creative. Mason dyed the fur and it's going to dry stiff, making it unusable as a pillow. His pillow is also judged to be clunky. Angela's pillow is cute, but it needs a more cohesive look and the stitching is messy.

Tori tells Mason to pack his craft bag, cause he's going home.

The Master Craft Challenge is to create a Halloween-themed lawn display out of garden equipment.

Angela decides to make a sunken pirate ship for her lawn display, while Ashley decides to make a monster where you can dispense candy to children and freak them out at the same time.

For awhile there it looked like Angela might not finish her craft because it was taking a long time to cut out her ship and the docks. Luckily, while she was waiting for those to get done, she was working on the other elements so she was able to finish everything in time.

Ashley had her own problems. She didn't like the monster head she decorated so she had to add more decorations to it. And the teeth she cut out for the monster's mouth were too big to fit, so she had to cut them in half and put them back together again to make them fit.

The judges end of split on the end crafts. Ashley's monster is judged to be a little too cutesy and she gets complaints for using garbage bags in her craft, even though that was part of the items she was supposed to use. Angela is told it might have been better if she had wrapped rope around the entire pylons on her dock instead of just at the top. But she got kudos for using what looked like the strip material you use on a lawn chair to make it look like the planks of her dock.

Ultimately it came down to which judges had the majority vote. More of the judges like Ashley's end product than they did Angela's and she won.


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