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Craft Wars -- Jewelry And The Grammy's

Updated on August 8, 2012

I'll start this episode with the weekly Tori Fashion Watch. When she began the intro I said, "That outfit is not that bad." I have to admit I was slightly disappointed. Part of the fun of the show is to see what ghastly outfit she's wearing this week. Then when the actual show started, she didn't disappoint. For some reason she put on this black jacket that was so small it didn't even look like it fit.

The ironic thing was one of the contestants, Minda, had a very daring outfit on and she made it work. It was a white dress paired with yellow jacket [that fit] and yellow stockings. She also had yellow feather earrings. The color and pieces complimented each other and worked. When Tori was lecturing Minda about her craft, proclaiming that less was more, I thought Tori could have taken her own advice with the outfit she was wearing.

Anyway, the contestants for tonight's show are:

Minda from Washington D.C.

Cole from Phoenix, Arizona.

And, from Chicago, Illinois.

Helping Minda will be her friend from college, Andy.

Helping Cole will be his brother, Tige.

Helping Claudia will be her sister, Cecilia.

The Pop Craft Challenge is to make jewelry out of old radio parts, earphones and other such paraphernalia.

Minda decided she's going to make an owl and a butterfly.

Cole decides to make a necklace and a bracelet.

Claudia has problems. Her first plan is to make a chain with charms hanging down from it, but she can't find a way to fasten the charms, so she has to scramble for a new plan. Decides to just create something out of the challenge material.

Cole gets kudos from the judges, while Minda and Claudia get both positive and negative comments.

Tori insults all three crafters. I've noticed she's getting more insulting to the contestants with each passing week. I caught a side-view of her and she definitely looks like she's pregnant again. Maybe it's her hormones. Claudia is eliminated.

The Master Craft Challenge is to create a piece of art that will be displayed at the Grammy Museum that represents Rock and Roll and Heavy Metal using scrap metal, and music instruments.

Cole opts for making a replica of the Grammy symbol, but to heavy metal it up. He using an interesting technique of using a blow torch to melt duct tape.

Minda decides to make a huge metal snake out of old paint cans.

Tori comes over to Minda and tries to make her doubt her plan to decorate the snake.

Both Minda and Cole have problems with their projects. Minda having problem with the scales and opts to decorate metal with denim patchwork that the judges compliment her on later. While Cole is having problems with his Grammy horn. The duct tape is melting too much causing the horn to sag, so he has to wrap a huge amount of duct tape around the horn's neck so it'll sit up properly.

The judges down like the black glitter Minda put on the base of her snake and they say less is more. As for Cole, they feel he went the safe and predictable route by just doing a replica of the Grammy symbol. Ultimately, they pick Cole as the winner, I think mostly because the interesting technique he used for melting the duct tape. It was an interesting technique they said they'd want to try.


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