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Craft Wars -- Keepsake Boxes And Weddings

Updated on July 18, 2012

Of the new summer shows, I like this one the best. I just find it interesting watching these people makes these things out of the weirdest items. But first...

Since Tori Spelling feels the need to judge the appearance of the crafts being created, I feel the need to talk about the outfit she was wearing. I love wearing black and white together. I think it produces a classic look, but the way Spelling put together her ensemble it became a technicolor nightmare. I'm a color-coordinating freak to the point I color coordinate without even realizing I'm doing it anymore. I just grab a outfit that works good together. The key is to use opposite colors and to have your accessories match the colors you're wearing to create a cohesive look.

As I said, black and white together is class, but the style of the top and the bottom didn't go well together. The top was off the shoulder and the bottom was this short ballerina tutu skirt. To make matters worse she was wearing blue shoes and a yellow plastic necklace. If the necklace was gold chain it would have worked or if the dress was all black it would have worked. But bright yellow and bright white just clash. The look might have been saved if she'd worn black shoes instead of blue. It was just a mess.

On to the crafters competing this week. They were:

Andrea -- who likes to craft something out of nothing and would like to make this her career.

Esther -- who makes knit wear. She wants to start a yarn store.

Kathy -- a domestic diva who created a wedding with all dollar store items.

The first challenge is the Pop Craft Challenge. The three contestants have one hour to make a keepsake box out of extra locks and keys.

Andrea says she wants to make a cottage keepsake box. The roof will open to place all your keepsakes inside.

Esther wants to make a castle keepsake box.

Kathy wants to make a tooth fairy keepsake box.

Andrea uses foam cord to create her cottage, while Esther and Kathy use boxes from their Michael's craft supply closet.

Esther had the idea to use a lace stencil for her box, but the paint is messy so she has to do the whole thing over again and has to cover the wet paint with felt. Unfortunately, some of the paint seeps through the felt and shows.

I'd be horrible if I were on this show. It always bugs me when Tori comes over to ask the crafter how they're doing when they only have an hour to get the thing finished. I'd be like, "Would you go away and leave me the heck alone." It also doesn't help Tori telling the crafters what they should have done. It's a little late now to take your advice.

All three crafters finish in time and not it's judging time. Whichever craft was found to be the most inferior gets shown the door.

Judge Stephen tells Esther that while he loves the ornate top she created out of the locks, she needed to use color to make it more visually attracted. Fellow Judge Jo agrees that it needed more color and reiterates that you never put felt on wet paint. In some spots it looked like you could see the green seeping through the sand colored felt.

Kathy's keepsake box is judged as whimsical, but the wings looked really bad.

Andrea's cottage gets low marks because of no lining inside.

I thought because of the paint seeping through the felt Esther would get the boot, but it was Kathy. I think the ornate top Esther created is what saved her bacon.

The Master Craft Challenge is to make something for a wedding. And Andrea and Esther have five hours to make it out of denim, wedding invitations, Tori's old baby blankets and candlesticks.

Esther decides to make a photo boot. She cuts out circles of denim and spray paints them gold in the hopes she can satisfy the judges for her lack of color in the previous craft. I think since she was spray painting them if she had used more than one color than gold, which wasn't that bright and looked kind of drab, it might have worked better. And the ruffle she makes is really bad.

Andrea decides to make a wishing tree. She wraps strips of denim around the trunk to make a tree trunk and sprinkles glitter on the denim to give it color. She also makes paper garlands out of the wedding invitations. As well as creating a display stand out of the candlesticks. For me, I think the tree would have looked better if she had cut out leaves like she did for cottage roof in the previous craft and placed them on the limbs it would have looked more like a tree. She could have spray painted the leaves.

I think Andrea got kudos for providing the tip that when a puncher starts to get dull you can sharper it with aluminum. They even mentioned that in the judging. Ultimately, they decide that Andrea is the better crafter and she wins. Esther doesn't take it well.

Personally, if I was having a wedding, I wouldn't want either one of those eyesores at my wedding.


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