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Craft Wars -- Making A Bedroom Out Of Nothing At All

Updated on August 4, 2012

Tori's outfit wasn't too bad this week, but one thing I've wondered since this show started is if she's pregnant. She looks like she has quite a belly on her. Of course, she may have just had another baby. I can't keep it straight the way she constantly seems to be popping a baby out every time you blink your eyes.

The contestants this week are:

Andrea from Abrahms, Wisconsin. She's into recycling crafting.

Raymond from Brooklyn, New York and he's into sculpting.

Brooke from St. George, Utah who is a design blogger.

The Pop Craft is to make a lamp from glasses, goggles and magnifying glass.

Brooke's assistant will be her husband Dan.

Andrea assistant is her friend Cherri.

And Raymond's assistant is his girlfriend, Noelle.

Brooke keeps breaking the sunglasses' lens she's trying to use.

Raymond says he's using materials in ways the others aren't doing.

Tori comes around asking Raymond and Brooke if they have enough time to complete their crafts. You know, with the clock ticking, the last thing you need is some Polly Parrot squawking stuff like that in your ear.

The judges judge the end products:

Raymond doesn't have enough lens on his lamp.

Brooke made seaglass from the eye glasses. Not enough strands and base uninspired.

Andrea not extremely neat with her end product.

Brooke is eliminated.

The Master Craft Challenge is to make a bedroom from a mattress, box spring and a wall. They also need to incorporate zippers in the design.

Raymond plans to make a canopy bed and a rug out of zippers.

Andrea is making a mosaic pillow out of different color zippers. Her overall theme for the room is Smoke and Mirrors.

Judges like Andrea's use of colored zippers better than Ray's.

Ray doesn't think he'll finish his wall in time because the green stripes he tried to put on the wall look sloppy and uneven. The stencil he tries to do also turns out sloppy.

Andrea has her own problem when she tries to dye some material gray and it turns out purple. I also thought the mosaic pillow and the yellow on the comforter really didn't work with her theme.

Raymond gets more negative comments than positive, while Andrea gets more positive comment than negative. It's no shock when she's declared winner.

What was shocking was the way all-knowing Tori got in Raymond's face telling him he had no follow through. It was totally uncalled for. I wish he would have got back in her face and replied, "And you really need to ditch the 90210 hairstyle. It doesn't work for you. Why don't you book yourself on Extreme Makeover, because, honey, you need it."

I really wish someone other than her was hosting this program. She's just such an annoying snot at times. So are the three judges, if I'm honest about it. And why is it always three judges? Every show that had judges always seems to have three.

I enjoy the show watching contestants make something out of nothing. Unfortunately, Tori Spelling is the fly in the soup.


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