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Craig Mack - Project: Funk da World [1994]

Updated on February 20, 2012

Dropped on Bad Boy

just a week before Ready to Die, Craig Mack's Project Funk Da World definitely got a little overshadowed. But nonetheless this album is real sick I mean real sick, as Mack would say.

Craig Mack is an MC who I really like for some reason but whos full potential I think was never achieved. But really, Mack is very charismatic, very real and just an over all beast of a rapper. If you don't believe me see an interview or something. But the thing is, he has put out some good material for sure but it really feels like Mack could have been much much more. All personal and career talk aside though, Project: Funk Da World was a pretty dope album.

The first things you notice when you rock this are 1) Mack's OG rambling laid back style and 2) the awesome dirty funked out beats -- both pretty dam original. It really is a great combination... In short, this album really has some nice flavor!!! And "Flava In Ya Ear" is not the only dope track on this album in fact its packed with good sh1t.

"Get Down", "Project: Funk Da World", "Judgement Day", "When God Comes", and of course "Flava In Ya Ear" all pack this same sick style of heavy funk. With the exception of the title track (produced by Mack himself), all these standout tracks are produced by Easy Mo Bee. He also does "Mainline". The remaining 6 tracks with the exception of one are produced by Mack with help from Lenny Marrow on two. The track "Making Moves with Puff" is the only track produced by Rashad Smith.

"Making Moves with Puff" is a good beat, although it is a bit of a variation from the main theme. However, regardless of what you think of Puff, his spot on the album is pretty pathetic. Everytime I play the album I wish that track was wiped clean of all Puff's echoing and sh1tty choruses.

The beats are some real funky mother effers and the integrity of the sound of the album is really consistent. Like the sound maintains that feel all way through... If you can't tell I really have a hard on for albums which vibe a certain feel especially a funky dope one.

Funk Da World does exactly this.

Alright lets talk a bit about the mc - the guy is awesome. Great voice, incredible flow. Hes got a real laid-back-not-givin-a-fu@k personality on the mic and it comes across quite audibly attractive.

Ive been talking the whole time about how dope this album is so youd probably be wondering where it falls short. It does fall a bit short in one category - Mack's verses are nearly 100% about how dope his style is, and although he is very creative and original on the mic this can get a bit old with no variation. But on second thought, thats kind of what this album is all about. The lyrics really pair the beats perfectly... I mean this album is really a lot of fun. You could spit stories or knowledge over these bouncin funky beats but it just wouldnt have the same effect. The mood of the production really fits Mack's style, and for that you gotta reckognize it for what it is - its dope like that.

By no means a masterpiece but definitely cures my sickness for a head bobbin funk injection. Listening to Funk da World is like eating a big mac - mad flava.

A big 4/5

Get Down [video]

Flava In Ya Ear [video]

Track 7 - "Judgement Day"


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