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Craving Bleach? Some Similar Anime

Updated on June 27, 2016

Bleach Meme

This is a Finger: you have five of them on each hand!
This is a Finger: you have five of them on each hand!

Don't Have the Manga? Find it here

Bleach and Why We Love It!

'Bleach' is a fantastic show, with lots to like about. It has hilarious characters, Ichigo's dad being one of the best, super serious characters (Byakuya) and and deviously menacing characters (Sosuke) along with adorable and extremely like-able characters like Ichigo and Orihime. Add to that the unique plot and story, then mix in some bad-ass fight scenes, unforgettable fight music and sometimes witty, but always life and death related back and forth between characters, and you have a show like 'Bleach'. It seeing as though there's over 300 episodes, it's a hell of a journey. Ichigo's journey from a simple kid who can see ghosts, so maybe not such a simple kid, to a man who is willing to stop at nothing to save his friends and family is so emotionally charged. It doesn't matter what the obstacle is, Ichigo will find a way, even if that means giving himself over to the dark side!

The fact that he has such a great group of friends and people willing to help him is what really gives this series its strength. Even though Ichigo basically kicked the crap out of nearly all the Soul Society leaders, by the end they trust him to do what's right, and stay loyal to him.

Bleach's popularity can be seen in the many thousands of Memes it has created, the millions of fans and of course, the fact that its awesome!

And Now For Something Completely Similar...

So you've somehow managed to catch up with 'Bleach', even though it took nearly year of your life and you lost contact with everybody due to hiding inside, curtains drawn, being thoroughly entertained by it, No Regrets. You've got their battle themes song as your ringtone, you make references from the show all the time. 'Bleach' is so wonderfully colorful and light that the world feels heavy, dark and gloomy. Now what? What could possibly fill this Bleach shape hole in the universe?

Here's a list of Anime similar to 'Bleach' be that in theme, style or plot. Hope you enjoy and that these fight off your anime craving for a little longer.

Sword Art Online

Anime details

No. Of Episodes: 2 Seasons, 25 in Season 1, 24 in Season 2

Subbed/Dubbed: Season 1 Both, Season 2 Subbed

Directed by Tomohiko Itō
Music by Yuki Kajiura
Studio A-1 Pictures

Available on: Netflix, AnimeFlavor


Sword Art and the Art of Battle

An Epic Life and Death Battle Anime like Bleach.

If you loved the pure epic-ness of Bleach, then I would say Sword Art Online is an anime you'll enjoy. Its based around a boy Kirito who is one of the first to buy a Virtual Reality headset and game. The first thousands of people to try out this game soon realize that they can't log out, they are stuck in virtual reality. All the players are summoned to a square where the creator of the game tells them they must battle and win all the bosses on each 100 floors to escape the game, if that wasn't bad enough, dying in the game means you die in real life and if someone in reality tries to take the headset off, you die too. Kirito sets out to beat the game, making lasting bonds and relationships on the way.

This is similar to 'Bleach' in that friendship is s hugely important theme. Fighting to save every person in the game is Kirito's mission, as is Ichigo's in Bleach where he constantly battles monsters to save peoples souls. Sword Art is colourful, comic and completely heartwarming. The seriousness of every situation is enhanced with extremely epic music, as with 'Bleach' but the series contains a lot of tender moments and suspense at the same time. The One issue I do have with this series is the over use of Fanservice, its everywhere! Kind of put-off-ish, but the story is good it would be a real shame not to watch it. You just have to put up with pretty degrading representations of women. :( That being said, Kirito is a great character, and his journey in particular is quite heartwarming. It is a shonen Anime so expect him to gradually build himself a little Harem of female followers.

Blue Exorcist

Anime Details

No. Of Episodes: 25

Subbed/Dubbed: both

Directed by Tensai Okamura
Produced by Hiro Maruyama
Studio A-1 Pictures

Available on: youtube, Netflix


Start your collection with:

Blue Exorcist

A Good Versus Evil, While Actually Being Evil anime like Bleach.

Bleach was all about Good versus Bad, right against wrong and life versus death. And yet, when needed, Ichigo had to give himself to the dark side, his hollow power within in, something categorically evil, yet he does it so that Good can prevail. That is what gave Bleach its power, its awe. Blue Exorcist is similar as it centers a young boy, Rin, who along with his brother was adopted by a Priest whose an exorcist. Rin possess incredible strength and power, and learns one day that he actually the son of Satan. When he witnesses the death of his adoptive father trying to protect him, he begins a journey that would have him take on his dark side in order to avenge his fathers death through the killing of Satan. He literally takes on a demonic form as he grows fangs and horns, and enrolls as an exorcist student in order to become powerful enough to fulfill his ultimate dream.

Blue Exorcist is also a colorful and bright series, with great good versus evil story line that grips to the very last minute. It has conspiracies, religion, kids with powers, demons, fighting, aloof, and a myriad of characters from aloof humerus guy to smart, logical guys as well as socially awkward kind of adorable girls. Worth a watch if you're into mainstream anime, its a fun series.

Fullmetal Alchemist

Anime Details

No. Of Episodes: 51 and 64 in FMA:Brotherhood

Subbed/ Dubbed: Both

Directed by Seiji Mizushima
Produced by Masahiko Minami
Hirō Maruyama
Ryo Ōyama

Studio Bones

Available On: Youtube, Netflix


FMA: Brotherhood Trailer

Fullmetal Battles and Alchemy

An Epic Powers Themed / Good Versus Evil anime like Bleach.

Bleach was all about battles, fights, powers and abilities, its what set the stage for the entire series. If that's what you loved about it, then Fullmetal Alchemist is totally the show for you. Its filled with epic battles, life or death situations and above all, fantastic characters. Similar to Bleach in that the character list is extensively long, each with their own unique and memorable personality, its really what makes it so worth watching. Edward and Alphonse Elric are brothers, whose father walked out on them hen they were little, and whose mother dies leaving them completely alone. Alchemy is a power that allows the users to make something out o materials such as stone or wood. You can't make something out of thin air, the ingredients must be there. Which is when the boys realize that they can try to bring their mother back if they simply get together all the ingredients that make up a human body. Of course it doesn't bring their mother back, and the consequence for doing something so forbidden by the universe is the loss of Edwards arm and leg, and the loss of Al's entire body, although Edward manages to connect Al's soul with a suit of armor. Edward thus sets out of a massive journey to master alchemy and someday get his brothers body back through what is known as the philosophers Stone.

The plot is a powerful one, and the moments of pure horror and seriousness are intertwined with moments of pure comedy. The series is also very colorful and pristine looking, the characters are amazing and the story just gets bigger and bigger with conspiracies, murders, loss and a great sense of friendship and family. What makes this fantastic show even better is that there are Two version, FMA and FMA:Brotherhood. although both have the same first few episodes, they veer of into two wholly different stories, so not only do you basically get to see two stories with the same cast basically, you can choose the ending you think fits better. I personally much preferred FMA:Brotherhood's ending, and story, but the original was an equally great show.


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      2 years ago

      There's no "Blue Alchemist". It's either "Blue Exorcist" or "Fullmetal Alchemist". In this case, it's "Blue Exorcist" :)


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