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Crazy Beautiful & Talented Asians: 5 Most Loved & Hated Asian Celebrities

Updated on July 12, 2019
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Fairlane moved to California a little less than six years ago. She wants others who immigrate to have an easier time.

Most, if not all, Asia countries are still fairly conservatives countries. Although women’s rights are being pushed heavily, it will most likely take several more decades until women get elevated to a better status. It is surprising, however, that many of the opponents of women’s rights are women themselves.

These five Asian celebrities know this too well. They are beautiful, outspoken, independent, and strong-willed, they are loved and revered for going against the tide and daring to do things their way.


Started out as a member of the group FX. She was loved for being the big baby of the group. She is the tallest but also the cutest… until she wasn’t.

She was photographed on a date with a rapper, Choiza. Choiza is rapper not known for his wholesome image, pretty face or mainstream popularity. Both parties initially denied being in a relationship but when someone reported he found Choiza’s wallet and it contained a photo of Sulli, all hell broke loose and Sulli decided it was pointless to lie. They admitted being in a relationship.

Apparently, she also thought she would like to lose her innocent image while was at it. She posted sexy photos of herself on her own Instagram account and then did a movie where she had a sex scene and appeared almost completely nude.

She also decided to leave her group and go all out on her document of her relationship with Choiza.

It didn’t end there. After several months, she seemed to have cheated, although neither her nor Choiza confirmed it. She started dating the guy she cheated with and then proceeded to post what Koreans consider weird photos of herself on her instagram account. Those posts include her drinking with friend, pointing to her own armpit and going out braless.

Koreans are divided, unable to decide whether she is a strong advocate of the braless movement or downright insane.

One thing is undeniable, though. She’s pretty and her management company, SM entertainment, is fully supporting her singing, acting and braless career.

I think because I've been active since I was young, there haven't been many people who thought of me as young. There were a lot of scary moments. If they told me to do something, I would, and I didn't even know the reason why I had to. At a certain point, I started to wonder, 'Why do I have to do this?' I don't think being in a girl group is good for me.- Sulli


Angelababy is a Chinese actress and it’s easy to understand why she is both hated and loved. She’s pretty. Okay, maybe it’s not that easy to understand but that is primarily why she is hated. She is pretty, sexy, rich, and popular. Early in her career, rumors abound that she actually went though the knife which explains her near perfect face. She dispelled the rumor by submitting herself to a medical test which involved the doctor actually moving and squishing her face, things you cannot do to someone who has gone through plastic surgery, among other tests.

Even after several doctors attesting she didn’t go through the knife, the rumor hasn’t gone down.

Public’s hate towards her grew even more when she admitted and eventually married one of China’s most popular heartthrob Huang Xiaoming.

She took a break from showbiz commitments to become a mother. Just recently, someone claimed that she is divorcing her husband but both parties denied. They attested that their marriage is still going strong and the public hated her even more.

Heart Evangelista-Escudero

Heart started as a teen star and was well on her way to becoming a lead star material. Rumors of her dating her leading men abound but she admitted to nothing and her management company supported her statement.

Born to a family of restaurateurs, her elite upbringing is apparent in her demeanor and looks. She has a certain finesse and elegance but many think she’s just being snobbish. This has even lead to a very public spat with another popular actress. Things took a 180 when rumors of her relationship with one of the most popular leading men hit the stands. Her rich family is said to disapprove the relationship which lead her to leaving the country in the middle of a TV series which infuriated the TV network. The TV network cut ties with her especially after the alleged leading man followed her to the US.

She moved to another management company. Eventually, she broke up with the celebrity boyfriend and then reconciled with her family. She had several other romantic relationship before finally going out with a senator. That reignited her spat with her family who was never shy in verbalizing how they despise the senator.

She married the senator sans her entire family. Since, she ventured into other art such as painting and fashion design. She constantly has exhibits and works with different brands for different products she designs including clothes and jewelries.

She is active in social media and does not deny her love for pretty and material things, all of which seems to have been bought by her own hard earned money. Her husband also admitted that Heart has more money than he does since he relies on his earnings as a senator. She has a healthy relationship with her husbands children for his previous marriage and her haters seems to double just as fast as her fans.

Erika Swajiri

Sawajiri Erika does everything a young girl does. She parties, dates, and uses her own social media account to talk about issues she considers important including criticizing the biggest talent management companies in Japan for the way they control the private lives of actresses.

The problem, according to Japanese, is that she does it distastefully, often going overboard with her criticism that she loses her credibility.

Many also think that someone who parties as hard as she does and dates men with less than deal social image doesn’t have the right to criticize people. Erika is not shy in fighting back, often directly answering people’s criticism of her.

She did eventually got married but news of what people called “draconian” prenuptial agreement which stated she had the right to more of her husband’s money if he cheats wasn’t taken well by the public. They think she’s a gold digger.

She divorced the man, eventually and proceeded to date someone else. Although unconfirmed, she is apparently dating someone younger and sells marijuana for a living.

Through it all, Erika has refrained from commenting about her private life, a move consistent with her stance on how celebrities, men and women, should be afforded respect when it comes to their private life.

Sherlyn Chopra

Sherlyn Chopra started out her career as an actress in Telugu film industry but eventually shifted to Bollywood. She is one of the first ones to harness the power of social media for her popularity and also harness her own body for her popularity.

She made headlines when she was decided to do the movie Kamasutra. Unfortunately, the movie was halted midway through filming. It didn’t stop her.

She posted nude for Playboy magazine and was number 63 on the list of Top 99 Most Desirable Women of 2013, in a poll on the international website AskMen.

She hasn’t done many movies lately but she is alive and well in social media. She has once posted a video of herself on her bed covering almost nothing.

She also launched her own app but I am not sure what that app does.

Other controversial posts include a video of her taking a shower, again, barely covering anything, sitting on a chair barely… let’s just say it’s mostly of her self and she’s not very fond of clothes.

Quite honestly, none of what she does is new the wester market but let’s remember her career is in India.

There you have it, 5 of the most hated and loved female celebrities in Asia. Check out their works, social media accounts, and other articles about them and judge for yourself whether they deserve the hate and love or just one of them.


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