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Content Writing: Having Faith Has Pros and It Has Cons

Updated on October 9, 2019
Ryan Cornelius profile image

Ryan is a poet, article writer, screen writer, copywriter, and song writer.


Crazy faith is people taking leaps. Taking risks because you have nothing to lose. Just laying it all down but If you live by faith you will not need it. If this must happen consistently that means one is either too stubborn or one just has no faith. Some people hear what has been told to them from GOD for years but they never did it and he has to put them in an uncomfortable position to do so. You have nothing to lose in comfortable situations. Just take the leap. A similar situation happened on Peter Jackson’s King Kong in 2005. Ann Darrow played by Naomi Watts was a struggle actress that was hoping for gigs around town for extra money. One of the gigs was a stage play. One in which the director denied her the role. But he gave Ann advice. He told her to use what she already had and gave her an address. Meanwhile, movie director Carl Denham played by Jack Black had the answer. Three things noticed about this movie was the fact that Carl Denham had crazy faith, Ann needed faith and king Kong was in love with Ann.

Carl Denham

Carl had crazy faith from the start of the film. He found a map with an island on it and tried to convince others to allow him to go to the island. They thought he was crazy but behind closed doors they knew he had something and overheard them talking about selling his idea. Denham took some filming equipment from the facility with intentions to rush and head to skull island but they ran into another problem. He needed a girl for the film. With Denham’s crazy faith he knew he was going to find someone. He thought like a winner. On the night before departing to skull land he saw a beautiful girl that happened to be trying to steal a bite to eat from a local store. He offered to pay for it. He then treated her to a meal. He tells her he us a movie producer. It was then when he convinced her that she was the one for the part but she’s reluctant to take the offer he is presenting but his faith will not allow her to walk away. He convinces her to come along. They get to the ship. That studio he stole the filming equipment from was after him but the ship left before they can catch him. He also convinces a writer to stay and help him finish writing the film. During filming he gets great footage on and off the ship.

Ann Darrow

That beautiful woman was Anne. Ann did not want to leave home but she got enough faith in her to make herself go. She did not want to stay in New York and continue to live day by day with no income because she has no place to work. The offer she she’s she cannot really refuse. She gets accustomed to life on the ship and meets the crew that are mostly men. She is introduced to everyone. She meets others on the ship but one she’s attracted to. This one is helping to finish writing the script is the one. The two become close. He like her just as much as she liked him. They fell in love. Ann did not see it at first but she did after a while. She and the rest of the ship experience hardship and end up on a native Island where they meet other natives. While they become familiar with the island until the ship gets fixed they are ambushed. Ann screams and Kong screams back. He comes and holds Anne captive. Anne sees he is loving and listens to her. She finds confidence in her taming the beast. She understands it’s feelings are just as fragile as her own.


After the they get back to the ship the island natives sneak on the ship to get Anne. Not for themselves but for Kong. She stands face to face with the beast. The ship crew went back to rescue Ann but Kong had her. Kong having her in his care made things very difficult for them. She feared the beast but saw the beast later in a different in a differently. He did not want to harm her. The beast was in love with Ann. She tried to get the others to understand it. They neglected to do so. They found her and the beast and they took the beast back to New York. They put the beast on Broadway with the intent to make their entire story a hit on the big screen. Someone playing the role of Ann sits in front of the beast while it is chained and sedated. The woman screams at its massive size in fear when the beast looks back ather. The beast recognizes that it is not the real Anne. In anger, the beast breaks free. The real Anne knows he wants her. She draws Kong to her. Kong takes her to the top of a building. Kong protects her before he is shot down. She was trying to call it off but Kong sacrificed his life for her.


Kong is a love story. A love story that is often misunderstood. First thing obvious was that Movie director Carl had the faith to even get there. He knew it was something there and wanted to get it on film. He put everything on the line to make it happen. Including his life, there was a warrant out for his arrest. Ann learned she is loved. It may be a beast and it maybe a human but she’s loved. Carl lost his film footage but not his faith. He just had to tone it down. He still believed the girl was alive and knew that the one that she fell in love with will bring her back along with the beast. His faith did not lie. He got to New York City and put history in a stage play. Kong showed us all is that not everything that looks like a monster is one. Ann had to have faith in him. When it comes to faith the most unusual things test you. It is your choice to keep it or not. In most the situations they were in people lose faith but they did not lose theirs. They got discouraged but did not lose theirs. Like they did during adversity so can we. Lastly, Kong showed is that all a beast needs is loving to be tamed. Crazy faith is a necessity sometimes. That faith would have saved the beast. They never should have brought the best to the city. Some of the unknown is best stayed unknown.

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© 2018 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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