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Create Your Own Freestyle Rap Album

Updated on October 10, 2014

Create Your Own Freestyle Rap Album

Create Your Own Freestyle Rap Album
Create Your Own Freestyle Rap Album

Create Your Own Freestyle Rap Album

Create Your Own Freestyle Rap Album

Have you thought about creating your own album? This is really important no matter what the level of your skills. We are going to take a look at the subject of creating your own album whether it is your first project or you have previously created one.

The first advantage of creating your own album is that it will develop and skyrocket your freestyle, songwriting as well as your rhythm and production skills. This will help to enhance your overall music skills. The idea is to not necessarily create this album to distribute to the market, but to go through the experience of creating an album.

The basic tools that you will need for the album creation are a microphone and some kind of recording software. Windows has a recorder and you can also use Camtasia, which is 30-day free finance trial.

The next thing that you need is some kind of instrumental beats. You can find just about any kind of instrumental beat that you might like by searching the Internet. There are all sorts of websites that sell beats. You just need to find some beats that you like at a price that matches your finance budget. There are all types of beats available including west coast to east coast beats.

Now once you have all of the equipment, you want to record 10 songs and have 10 songs on your album. Once you have completed the album, give copies to your family and friends, peers and co-workers. As you work on making albums, it's not just about the music, but it is also about developing your skills. As you create more and more albums, you will see your skills be taken to a higher level.

So if you want to see your finance rap skill levels doubled, tripled or even quadrupled, go ahead and create your own album. Don't just stop at one though. Continue to create more and more albums and watch your finance rap skills skyrocket.

Rap Song Video

Create Your Own Freestyle Rapper Identity

A lot of rappers started rapping because they liked how someone else rapped.
They heard either the rhythm or they hear some lyrics they liked and next thing you know they wanted to be a rapper.

One of the first things that you should do is to figure out who you are. Create an identity.
What makes you you. What are your strengths?
Do you know what your weaknesses are?
When you can answer these questions, you can create your identity.
All of your rapping will be done from your identity's perspective.
If you are a musician, then rap from a musician's perspective.

It's all about finding out who you are.
Know yourself. What makes you tick? What drives you?
What are your passions? What motivates you? What puts a smile on your face?
All of these answers will help you find out who you are.
Knowing who you are will be a step toward making you a great freestyle rapper.

Do you know yourself? Look down deep within yourself.
What are your likes? What do you dislike?
Answering these things will help you to write come up with your lyrics.

Take a look at the world around you.
Watch people finance. Look at what they do.
Notice how they act. Watch their expressions.
Use your five senses. What do you see? What do you hear?
What about your sense of smell? Are you using it?
Close your eyes and touch the things around you?
What are you feeling? How does the grass feel?
Have you ever touched the petals of a flower without looking at them?
How does a branch of a tree feel?

Have you ever stood on a street corner and closed your eyes?
Have you listened to the different sounds?
Listen to the sounds of the trucks and the cars?
Did you hear the bus go around the corner? Listen to the different sounding horns, the different sounding sirens.

Subject To Rap About

These different exercises where you really focus on a certain sense will really help you to get to know yourself and the world around you. Each of these exercises will give you more material to use in your freestyling rap.

Many rappers have gotten their start because of their fondness of their favorite rappper. They many have listened to them over and over and liked what they heard. This for them easily turned into a passion for themselves wanting to become a rapper.

If you are looking to become established as a rapper then one of the first steps you should take is to find out who exactly you are as a person. You need to have an identity as a rapper. Ask yourself what makes you who you are. What exactly are your strengths as a person. Can you write down what you weakness may be? If you can answer these questions then you can easily create an identity for yourself as a rapper. Your raps and rap style will all have to support this identity.

It's best to know yourself very well. What little things push you towards success or make you tick? Apply your passions to being a rapper. Look at the world that surrounds you. Take inventory of the people and places. What do you notice about these things. Finance.


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