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Music Covers For Youtube

Updated on April 9, 2013

Music covers are very popular and are a great outlet for singers and musicians to express themselves. Youtube is by far the best platform for showing music covers aside from a live performance. They are great to watch and in my experience, great to create! Acoustic covers are a little more unique.

Of the many covers on youtube, most are probably done with the original songs instrumental. It's a great way to identify a song, but it shortens the possibilities of creating something completely original with a song.

I love being able to flip a song into something completely new but identifiable. My favorite one right now is probably an acoustic cover I did with my producer of Elle Varner's single "Refill." I kept the same loving feel of the original, but with the guitar, I was able to flip the sound a bit more and give it some more edge. I've gotten amazing feedback from it, so other people like it too! lol

There are so many performers who have great acoustic covers that I could sit for days flipping between different youtube channels, including my own and entertain myself that way. They are fast, slow, exciting, quiet, and everything in between. They can be as predicable or unpredictable as a fully produced song that is packed with 10 or more instruments. But they are almost always memorable.

If you want to create your own music cover whether acoustic or otherwise:

1. Pick a song that you like. If you don't like it, there is no point in singing or playing it. You won't have fun and it will show.

2. Find a camcorder. Either on your phone, iTouch, iPad, iMac, PC camera, or whatever. Grab something to video tape yourself.

3. Have or setup your youtube account. It's quick.

4. Have Fun!!!! Nothing is worth doing if you dread every second of it. It's supposed to be fun anyway so go crazy! lol.

Have your ever done a music cover on youtube?

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