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Creations Song And Creation Names

Updated on September 21, 2011

Video Is Celestial Soda Pop By Ray Lynch

Have you ever heard a piece of music that touched you deep inside and filled you with an intense longing for something you could not identify? I have. I have asked the question, "what does music mean to you", here on HubPages, and a similar question on Yahoo Answers. But the responses were not very satisfying to say the least. It makes me wonder how many people really hear music. I mean the real music.

I have this theory, it goes like this. I believe that there is a Song that was sung into or with creation. The notes in this Song are made up of the names of all things created, and just as all creation is tied to its Creator, so all names in the song are tied to the Creators Name. Sometimes, certain musicians who are able to tune in to that harmony or part of it, can reproduce it, at least in part. Then, those listeners who hear their own creation name in that particular song, respond with that deep longing that you can't explain. It is because your spirit recognized its name, its self in the song.

You have heard the saying, "Music soothes the savage beast", I am sure. That is because when a beast hears certain music, it recognizes its creation name. It is only natural that it should calm down, the music is telling it part of itself is present.

Most people aren't even aware of the power in music to heal, but it has been proven to do just that. It has a healing effect on depressed people and mentally and emotionally unstable people. I can see why it would have.

When I listen to music like the piece I posted above, I am uplifted. There are some "songs" though there is no singing I still call them songs, that, as I said earlier, touch me so deeply, leave me with a deep longing inside. I wish I could wrap myself around the music or it around me...become the music. It is so very difficult to explain in words how I feel about music. Words do not describe things properly. In fact I put off writing this particular hub for some time because I was not sure how to write it. I very much wanted to write it, to share my deep feelings for certain music and my theory. I just knew it would be hard and might not come out the way I meant it to or wanted it to. So I hope anyone who reads this will take into consideration this difficulty, and try to understand my meanings as best as you can.


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  • tlmcgaa70 profile image

    tlmcgaa70 6 years ago from south dakota, usa

    thank you donotfear, i am glad you felt it and enjoyed it. have a wonderful evening.

  • donotfear profile image

    donotfear 6 years ago from The Boondocks

    This is truly a lovely piece of music. Very stirring.

  • tlmcgaa70 profile image

    tlmcgaa70 6 years ago from south dakota, usa

    Thank you huba90, both links are beautiful, i have always loved enigma. also gregorian. era is a beautiful song but in the example i am confused as it says era is the artist but you say enigma is. it is still beautiful whoever is. and i love the guitar as well.

    cheaptrick, the artist is ray lynch, i would have posted it but i assumed it was posted with the video, i will correct that and i than k you for bringing that to my attention. perhaps i will do a hub on some of my favorite artists, with a sampling of their musics. thank you for the suggestion. i am glad you liked this hub so well, that means a lot to me.

    saccharyne, music is a passionate thing, it is difficult not to be passionate about it. and you are right about it doing more than healing or does indeed inspire darker emotions as well. and yes, music is used to manipulate audiences of movies...i have noticed that on many occasions.

    thank you all for reading this and responding. it is good to know there are others who share my passion and understanding for music out there. thank you also for the vote and feedback.

  • saccharyne profile image

    saccharyne 6 years ago from London

    I like how passionate you are about music. Music really is a beautiful thing that has the power to heal and uplift, yet it also has the power to anger, to enrage and to stir people up into a frenzy. Cultural codings and the way that music psychologically affects us is very important, particularly for those who write music, for example for film.

  • cheaptrick profile image

    cheaptrick 6 years ago from the bridge of sighs

    Please please please post the artist.You may consider posting several in your next hub.I,and I'm sure many others,have been searching for this hub for quite a long time.

    Your meaning was perfectly clear,this hub had me jumping up and down on those buttons to our left.


  • huba90 profile image

    huba90 6 years ago from Egypt

    You are so right about this,me too i call this songs "Heart touching songs".I prefer Enigma ""

    This song is really beautiful especially this edition,it's so calm,and her voice makes me feel so comfortable.Or you can checkout this one "".

    Thanks for sharing this with us.

    Voted Up as usual and beautiful..