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Creators of K-Pop The Movie Plan to Release an Visual Novel

Updated on July 16, 2016
K-Pop The Movie poster as seen on IMDB
K-Pop The Movie poster as seen on IMDB | Source

K-Pop The Movie Visual Novel

It has been announced on Twitter and Facebook that the creators of K-Pop the Movie will be releasing an visual novel game; the game will be anime influenced and will feature one of the characters in the movie.

The name of the character has yet to be stated but she is apart of the girl group, Lovely Little Ladies, as written in the script, said on their Facebook page. The visual novel will allow more insight into the character's background and issues pertaining to South Koreans and their view on homosexuality, in which the film won't be able to focus too much on due to other characters, elements, and themes. It has also been stated the first visual novel will be for free on Tumblr; it will give fans and players easy access, on all platforms.

Game play of the Visual Novel

For those of you who never played a visual novel before, it's kind of like an digital picture book. You go from page to page, level to level, reading the character's story, and interacting with the characters who are on the page. The reason why the visual novel will have an anime style to it is because a couple of the creators experimented with visual novels that happened to be based on anime, manga, or were original visual novels. Liking the over all design, and being fans of anime themselves, they decided to go with the same style but add a little touch of their own creativity.

This particular novel will have about 15 levels of game play. Each level, the main character will be interacting with the other characters of the game, who are also in the movie. The main character who is interacting with fans, interviewers, group members, and associated acts, must say the right thing so as to move onto the next level. The player, you, must choose the correct answer to proceed onto the next stage of the game. It hasn't been made clear how many chances a player gets to answer a question correctly, and what would happen if the character answers incorrectly. Considering what we know of and this being a visual novel, more than likely the game will end after a certain number of incorrect guesses.

The creators hope this will be the first of at least three visual novels, and though this one will be released way before the movie is even in production, the other two are still pending. They would like to see how successful the first one is to even think about doing a trilogy all together.

The game will be created in HTML5, and will be hosted on Tumblr; considering how Tumblr is mostly for images, and gifs, it would interesting to see if they're able to pull off an entire game on Tumblr. Nonetheless, many eager fans on their Facebook page are eagerly awaiting anything new that is associated with the movie, just to keep them on the edge of their seats.

Why Homosexuality is the Main Theme

It hasn't been made clear why the visual novel will touch on such a serious topic such as homosexuality in South Korea, and since the script hasn't been released, its unsure which character has the potential to be gay, or already is gay. Nonetheless, the topic is so serious that simple research has come to show many k-pop artists and actors have been made to leave their labels and agencies upon coming out as a member of the LGBT community. An poll that was made in 2013 has the percentage of more than half of South Koreans don't accept it, while thirty percent accept it. And though its three years later since that poll, it would seem not much progress has been made when it came down to LGBT individuals within the South Korean entertainment industry.

Even in the United States many entertainment artist have a hard time finding work upon coming out, and when they do, it's either short lived, or a typed cast role, excluding the good few who have been able to over step that obstacle and succeed. The creators of this game probably wanted their fans, and players to get a look at what some people have to go through in regards to their sexuality, whether it be hiding who they are, or even back lashes for coming out. Nonetheless, many are excited to play the game and dive into this new world, and culture that has been a craze since Psy', Gangnam Style!


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    • LoriBracket profile image

      Lori M Brackett 19 months ago from USA

      @kpopluver it hasn't been confirmed yet who will make an appearance since the project is still in-development

    • profile image

      jason walwinsky 19 months ago

      @kpopluver there has been no confirmation of who will be in the movie since it's still in development

    • profile image

      kpopluver 19 months ago

      I'm still hoping shinee will make an appearance =0

    • profile image

      Aubry 19 months ago

      Hopefully it would be released soon. I've been following their Facebook page for a while now and I'm excited, but I also understand that even when a movie is annuced it can still take forever to come out