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Creatures of Hellraiser , List of Cenobites

Updated on November 4, 2013


This iconic character needs No introduction but for those out there who have yet to see any of the 9 Hellraiser films, Pinhead is the leader to the Cenobites. During the first two movies he has a gang of 3 cenobites that help him in his sadistic tortures but as the films continue he starts to create his cenobites from his victims with characteristics based upon their professions. Although his exact role changes throughout the films from an angel of pleasure and pain to a demon of chaos to a creature who is determined on world domination, his main goal seems to always be the same and that is to torture and take down anyone who opens the box.

The first inspiration for the Cenobites drastically bondage looks came from Barker attending S&M parties in New York, for Pinhead in-particular it also featured characteristics from African Fetish Sculptures. At first the character was just named Lead Cenobite but the make-up crew on set started calling him Pinhead and the name fit so well they decided to make it official.

TRIVIA- During a post production party the actor who plays Pinhead was totally ignored by other cast and crew members and he was hurt and confused because he thought he got along well with everyone, it turned out that no one had ever seen him without the full make-up on so no one knew who he was.

The Birth of Pinhead

Chatterer and the Beast

One of the most popular and memorable of all of the Cenobites Chatterer is another one of Pinheads original gang of tortures who devote there time in hell to exploring the limits of pleasurable torture the humans who call upon them seek. A former human himself Chatterer endured his "pleasure" by having his face peeled back to permanently expose his teeth, which he can only click together as a means of communication.

Trivia- the 1st picture of Chatterer was the original make-up and prosthetic for the character but the actor complained of it being to painful on his eyes and causing his vision to be obstructed. One day because he couldn't see well and walked right into a hanging nail, it was later revised to look like the second photo which has eyes and a very different mouth shape.

Chatterer Beast

The Chatterer was created as Pinheads very own hellhound, it is created from human and has teeth that chatter just like its Cenobite family member.

Chattering Beast
Chattering Beast

Best of Chatter


Was the first Cenobite introduced to the entire Franchise, appearing in both the original book and movies. A large difference between the book and movies however is that Butterball is a very main character in the books and actually features the most dialogue of all the cenobites However in the movie he is the most absent of all four Cenobites throughout the film.

As far as where he got his name from I believe that it is very obvious, he is extremely fat and grotesque so Butterball for a name seems quite fitting. He also has stitches through his eyes but these are usually hidden by his sunglasses.

The Engineer

Now when you think of something roaming the corridors of Hell I would say the engineer is a perfect horrific image brought to life. Although only appearing in the very first Hellraiser film it made a lasting impression. This Demon was created to resemble an amalgamation of various animals to create the effect of a horrible and hellish experiment gone wrong!

We first get to see the engineer when our leading young lady Kristy solves the puzzle box and opens up the portal to hell, she however did not belong there yet so the engineer made sure to chase her out as soon as possible and leave it to the Cenobites to finish her off. However, later in the film when Kristy banishes the Cenobites the Engineer returns to make one last and final stand against her.

Trivia- a good goof the editors left in is when the engineer is chasing Kristy down the corridor you can see the crew members pushing the trolley the creature is hooked onto. OOPS!

Female Cenobite

In the first film, several wires peeled back the skin around her neck, causing her to have a raspy, whispery voice. In the sequel they revised the costuming by taking four of the wires holding her throat open out, leaving just one frame as well as changing her overall facial sculpt and color tone. When she is killed at the end of the second film she changes back to her human form and is revealed to once been a pretty woman

She is the only cenobite who is vocal with Pinhead, while Chatterer just chatters his teeth to communicate and Butterball doesn't make much communication at all other then wiggling his giant tongue around, the Female Cenobite actually plays an active role in deciding their victims fate.

Trivia- Like Pinhead the make-up artists nicknamed the Female Cenobite as well, she was given the name Deep Throat, although unlike Pinhead the name didn't stick since the higher up thought it was to sexually explicit, so her name stayed Female Cenobite.


In Hellraiser: Bloodline, Angelique and Pinhead form a plot to get an innocent man to use the building as a permanent gateway to Hell but things go wrong in the plan for our poor little Angelique and that's when Pinhead turns her into a Cenobite for her failure.

Before Angelique was turned into a cenobite she was already a Demon Princess of the Labyrinth and so far she is the only known demon to be turned into a cenobite. When she is turned into a Cenobite she becomes bald with the skin peeled back exposing her bloody skull and her skin flaps are held down by wires that are attached to her shoulder skin, as well as hooks attached to her body.

The Wire Twins
The Wire Twins
The Twins
The Twins


The WIRE TWINS are the Dark Labyrinths Lords two daughters of Lust. They use there surreal beauty to trick and tantalize their victims as they satisfy the sexual pains of the Underworld.

THE TWINS become one when these two security guards stumble upon Pinhead (talk about wrong place wrong time), Their skin peels off their heads and starts to infuse together in a swirling vortex and they are forever stuck together as slaves of Pinhead and minions of Angelique.

Other than Pinhead, whos your favorite Cenobite?

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Although not main characters these Cenobites all had there own wonderfully terrifying torture moments and deserve a closer and more gruesome look. Some of them invoke a feeling of utter pain and horror and others just make you laugh a bit at how ridiculous they can be.

CD Head Cenobite
CD Head Cenobite
Surgeon Cenobite
Surgeon Cenobite
Dr. Channard Cenobite
Dr. Channard Cenobite
Barbie Cenobite
Barbie Cenobite
PistonHead Cenobite
PistonHead Cenobite
Camera Head Cenobite
Camera Head Cenobite
Litttle Sister Cenobite
Litttle Sister Cenobite
Spike Cenobite
Spike Cenobite
Bound Cenobite
Bound Cenobite


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    • profile image

      Paul simpson 

      2 years ago

      Yes he was a young lad as seen in HR2

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      2 years ago

      was chatterer ever human


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