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Creed A True Rocky Experience - Movie Review

Updated on October 19, 2016

Creed, Review Introduction

When everyone heard that yet another Rocky Balboa was being made number seven, most people had it down as a flop. Although now it is said and done I think most Rocky fans are extremely happy with the out come. Now we are at Rocky seven or is it Creed one? Anyhow it reflects just how good them earlier Rocky's were and how well liked for the idea to be not only surviving but thriving in this modern age. This one like the last do have a more modern twist to them, probably because they are more modern. Finally in Creed Rocky's fighting days are over, but its all still their in his mind. A young fighter named Adonis Johnson is looking for exactly that, Rocky's mind. Rocky is old now, settled and not interested in training anybody. Only when Adonis tells him who his dad was, the old champion is blew away. He is the first son of Apollo Creed, born as a result of his dads infidelity. A dad who was a famous fighting champion and dead before he was born, Adonis finds himself alone and in youth prison at a young age with a burning desire to fight. Apollo's real wife despite being cheated on comes to the rescue of the boy, taking him to live in his fathers old mansion. Despite the efforts to stop him, little Creed can just not settle down into a safe life. The spirit of his father it seems burns to strong deep down in him, drawing him like a magnet to a life of swinging punches

About Creed

Adonis, Apollo and Rocky all great names which inspire strong images in the mind. Who would have thought all them years ago when I watched Rocky for the first time, that it would last this long and become what it is today. A undying legacy, sequels are easy to make but a legacy is much harder to sustain. Who also would have guessed back watching Rocky for the first time, that Sly Stallone would have such a long and successful career. He must have some brains, writing, acting and directing his talents have got him through. In the fifth Rocky takes a back seat as a trainer then ends up fighting anyway, and then in six he has one more outing to show himself he can. Now he's past it for sure, but back as trainer a resurrection of old Micky. I think he pulls off the trainer bit great, just as well as he managed the boxing role. In the last Rocky we start to see a sadder Rocky as he starts to loose the people around him. An even more worn out, older and forlorn man emerges at the start of this movie, but will the legacy of the son of his old rival and friend lift his spirits.

Adonis Johnson or Adonis Creed is played by Michael B Jordan a actor who's popularity is ever growing, taking the lead role here the quality of the movie rested heavily upon his shoulders. Jordan pulls off a wonderful performance energetic and professional. His role and the partnership between Jordan and Stallone was grade A, and I think most Rocky fans were happy with what these guys did in Creed. Michael B Jordan brings Adonis, Apollo's son alive on the television screen for us all to watch bringing the legend of Rocky Balbao alive once more. Technology and graphics have never really been the thing which has made Rocky such a hit, more a rugged urban realism in a fantastical manner which captures within the spirit of boxing. Spirit and passion being something which the Rocky movies have never lacked in, Creed too is the same. The movie perfectly covers how some have such a connection and emotion to the sport, it would seem to run through there veins. Yet more so than in the past the dangers of this sport are expressed and put over. People do die in the ring and many are hurt, yet people still love it and think it's worth the risk.


Opinion and Recommendation

As times have changed so has the sport a point Creed clearly points out, rules have now changed making the sport safer only boxing can still be deadly. After what happened to his father, death at the hands of the solid Russian in Rocky 4 Adonis knows the risks but the passion boils through him to strongly to stop himself. No movie can be great without a softer side to it, and that has always been the way and Creed is no exception. In this movie Adonis meets a young lady and courts her romantically, the new Adrian if you like. This helped to give the movie a story line and some extra dynamics, making more than just another fighting movie.

As far as the fighting is concerned I would say it is no worse and no better than the other Rocky movies. It pretty much the same tough, bloody and real. All this time and all this technology yet the sport remains the same. The fighting parts in Creed are full of hard hitting action, they really added to the entertainment experience. One thing which has always separated this franchise from the crowd is the music. The songs that were used in the past were iconic becoming known in near!ly all households, sadly this is the area in which Creed does not match up, the emotion through sound was missing I thought. Its not bad music just a more modern approach lacking some of that old magic

I highly recommend this movie Creed to all movie fans alike, I think sports people will probably get the most out of it but its good for all. Romance, action, hard work then success its got the ingredients of dreams coming true. I would say that this movie all in all lives up to the hype and the legacy, and does a great job at keeping Rocky alive in the modern times. Creed, a great movie well worth a watch.

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