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Cribber Prison Blues

Updated on May 11, 2019

I've been reading some alarming threads, comments and concerns about our hubs being stolen -- yet again.

I'm sorry, folks, but anyone who commits that kind of thievery and plagiarism, I hold the same regard for as the dirt off the bottom of my shoe. (Years ago, someone stole 18 months worth of my work. I sued the fellow, and he ended up paying me an out-of-court settlement. It’s an awful experience -- those initial feelings of anger and helplessness after being victimized by a parasite.)

I remembered I wrote the hub that follows when it happened years ago by BigEzine. Our beloved Ruby Jean Richert (Always Exploring) was my inspiration, and her poem, How Could Anyone Treat Me This Way, which she wrote in response to the now infamous BigEzine's repugnant online thievery. Ruby also posted the late, great Johnny Cash song, Folsom Prison Blues, one of my all-time favorites. It inspired me to write lyrics to Cash's song.

The lyrics were in "dedication" to anyone who has the audacity to steal someone’s work -- from Hubpages or anywhere else. I figured I'd drag it out of the mothballs, so to speak, dust it off, and republish it with a few added stanzas.

Again, thank you Ruby! :-)

Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash

(To be read/sung along with the Folsom Prison Blues video above.)

I see your cell door closin'

And you without a friend…

You wanna steal our writin’

Man, you’d better think again...

Your soul belongs in prison,

Because you're dead inside…

If you wanna keep your freedom,

You better learn to hide.

When I was just a younglin'

With courage then to run,

My runnin' words were stolen

And I wished I had a gun,

But I sued the guy in Frisco,

Just to watch him cry…

And his money kept a comin’,

‘Til he was nearly dry.

© © © © © © (guitar riff) © © © © © ©

I bet your name's a changin'

While you're holed up from afar,

No matter where you're lurkin',

We'll find out who you are...

Well you know you got it comin' --

The loss of hope and dreams --

When you join the jailbirds singin'

Of what real torture means.

© © © © © © (guitar riff) © © © © © ©

Well if we find our work is stolen –

If we find our words online –

We’re gonna take your money

And then burn your peace of mind,

We’ll throw your soul in prison,

That’s where they’ll steal your days…

If you wanna keep your freedom,

Then lose your low down ways.





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