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Content Writing: Criminal RHYMES

Updated on December 2, 2019
Ryan Cornelius profile image

Ryan is a poet, article writer, screen writer, copywriter, and song writer.

Criminal RHYMES


Seattle is a city of beauty.
Even when the rain is failing.

But like everywhere, there's crime.
Crime that often fools the wise.

In this case, it's a woman.
Who stands in the rain waiting.

On a driver that's acting strange
The driver seems a bit deranged.

At first, he seems pretty stable.
There's not a sign that he's troubled.

But after getting in his vehicle.
His actions become questionable.

Soon after she figures it.
But it's too late to escape it.

He takes off the locks.
Then ignores her yelling stop.

He starts to move a lot faster.
The last result is torture.

The woman is abducted.
But she leaves a deep message.

The BAU team discusses it.
They notice how time is precious.

To find the woman alive.
& to save many other lives.

They fly from Washington D.C.
They develop a great strategy.

City authorities help them investigate.
They move fast before it gets late.

He's a murderer. He's a strangler.
The team goes after his papers.

He's one that knows how to blend.
He’s fooled even the city policemen

But the BAU is not fooled.
They do not play by his rules.

They find her before he kills again.
But a criminal's mind will never end.

Crossing Lines

Carl was not in a good way.
There were many days.

Days that he thought about giving up.
As an ex-cop, he suffered enough.

He narrates a woman's murdered.
They need to find the killer.

The department’s overwhelmed.
A retired cop decides to help.

Louise creates a team.
To be apart of what he’s trying.

What he is trying to do.
He gets Carl to join the crew.

Carl finds it hard at first.
But is convinced to make it work.

For the sake of finding the killer.
Getting who’s behind this murder.

Who’s showing off in the parks of Europe?

He commits these crimes.
Keeping his victims unidentified.

The team searches for ways.
They reverse his own ways.

They ID him first.
If they find him they find the curse.

Despite the casualties suffered.
The team gets together.

Desiring to solve the crime.
They realize it will take time.

RHYMES of Interest

A gang enters the subway.
Running people off the subway.

But one man just wouldn’t move.
The gang then attempt to.

Attempted to move him by force.
They didn’t show any remorse.

As soon as they started to try.
They saw another side of the guy.

The guy takes them all on.
They all then move on.

To the NYPD station.
Where that guy is suddenly taken.

After being Question by detectives.
A man comes to represent him.

But he's more than a man.
He is one with a plan.

The man’s name is Mr.Reese.
The men take him to meet.

Mr.Finch who knows who he is.
He offers a better way to live.

Reese attempts to reject it.
But is forced to accept it.

Reese will fulfill his purpose.
He immediately starts working.

To save a district attorney.
He changed his image but isn’t hiding.

He starts narrowing it down.
First, he finds who she is around.

An inmate that’s in jail.
Reese finds that someone tries to kill.

Tries to kill the attorney.
Reese focuses on saving.

He gets a gun and starts working.
He immediately starts searching.

He finds that some of the killers.
Are really cops working together.

Corrupt cops of the NYPD.
Using the criminals in the city.

Not really arresting them.
Instead, they're killing them.

So that they will not reveal.
That they are not really real.

Reese confronts the crooked cop.
He murders him, then it stops.

That attorney is the leader.
Justice will always deliver

American Crime

Things have changed in lives.
Some lived on, some died.

The seasons have changed.
This time its lives that are teenaged.

A teenager in high school.
Is questioned about going to.

Questioned about college.
He thinks he's not fit for college.

Saying that his grades aren’t good.
When really, he's not doing what he should.

He talks about it with his mom.
He's encouraged by his mom.

But denies to do it.
He later gets suspended.

Because he was drinking.
While he was out partying.

The schools conduct he violated.
His mother whats to know what happened.

So she talks to his friend.
She reveals what he's hiding.

The pictures she sees.
She finds out that he.

He is just a troubled teen.
Later, she sees he went to the party.



A beautiful day in the community.
Birds are chirping and kids are playing.

It’s even more beautiful in the night.
But somethings wrong this night.

A husband is found dead.
They find that he misled.

Misled his wife.
He was someplace that wasn’t right.

They find a guy on parole.
Who gives information worth gold.

They are led to an apartment.
But it has no one in it.

Before leaving, they find blood.
They called to examine the blood.

They find that he rented a studio.
The husband was in trouble.

He was sleeping with the girl.
& the wife sees her world.

Has fallen and burned in ashes.
But the truth had to be accepted.

Once the wife sees the truth.
She asks the team to not do.

To not make it public.
While they find and arrest the culprit.

I was watching these tv series one day & I thought to turn them into what I love to do which is to write RHYME poetry. I study the shows and write about them daily. I try keeping them short because I want new material daily. I see the regular titles for poetry such as Love Poems, Depression Poems or anything simple. I wanted to be unique and came up with this. Presently, it is movies but there will be more. Let me know what you think of them below. Thank You for your time reading t

© 2019 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 

      2 weeks ago from Jamaica

      very cool poems

    • lynnes75 profile image

      Lynne Samuel 

      2 weeks ago from Malaysia

      I actually got chills reading these, if crime shows were poems. Great rhymic poems though.


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