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Criminal Minds -- A Work In Blood

Updated on February 4, 2013

Reid is still reeling from watching Maeve killed before his eyes. He’s sequestered himself inside his apartment refusing to answer his door or phone and talk to the rest of the team. The only thing that lures Spencer out is when Morgan calls them about their latest case which is a real lulu.

In San Francisco an artist named Bryan Hughes got into a car accident; he was unhurt while a woman also involved in the accident bled to death. This seemed to have been the trigger that set him off on his killing spree.

His medium of choice is to paint in human blood. Part of what made him choose this medium is because he has a blood disease where he only has red blood cells. He needs to inject himself with plasma [white blood cells] to keep his body functioning normally. So the killings actually have two purposes: one to supply him with plasma and two to provide him with paint for his paintings. He removes the plasma from the blood before he paints with it and keeps it stores in a bottle.

Bryan sedates his victims and removes the blood from their bodies; afterwards he wraps the body in plastic and leaves it near a work of art. As he continues on, he starts removing the victims’ eyelids so they can see. When Mrs. Riley, the owner of a gallery refuses to buy his work because she says he’s put nothing personal in it, Bryan then targets his friend, Paul, to be another contributer to his art. Only problem is Paul doesn’t want to cooperate and manages to bite Bryan in the process. Finally, when Mrs. Riley once again refuses to buy his work and goes all Simon Cowell on him telling him he basically has no talent and to give it up, Bryan picks her as his latest victim.

The team arrives just as Bryan is trying to cut off her eyelids. He forces them to kill him to stop him. By his mentioning on Van Gogh only selling two works of art while he was living, he may have wanted them to kill him so he could become a famous artist after he was dead.

Reid gets the team to help him put his apartment back in order and he seems to have passed the first hurdle. I love Reid and I don’t want to diminish what he was feeling, but in the scene between Reid and Hotch, Hotch was acting like no one had gone through anything as bad as Reid went through. Yes, it was horrible he saw Maeve killed before his eyes, but I still don’t think it ranks up with Hotch’s wife being killed.

Yes, Reid loved Maeve, but they never really had the chance to have a real relationship as a couple the way Hotch and his wife did. They were married and had a child together. She was also killed because a serial killer wanted to hurt Hotch. He has to live with the fact that he’s the reason his ex-wife was killed.

Maybe Reid feels he’s to blame for Maeve’s death because he wasn’t able to successfully convince her stalker that he didn’t love Maeve, but it’s really not as bad as what Hotch must have had to go through and what he has to live with each and every day as he looks at his son and knows his mother is gone.

What bothered me about that scene where Reid asked Hotch how long it takes, is Hotch never even mentioned his ex-wife. I think the scene would have played better if some small reference had been made to it and Hotch had answered that questioned with some of the personal experience he went through having to put his life back together after what happened.



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