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Criminal Minds -- All Politicians Are Evil!

Updated on February 23, 2012

At least that's what the show seems to be saying. In an episode from last season that they replayed twice this season they did a what if scenario of if Jeffrey McDonald had been telling the truth. A politician was actually was one of the people that killed the man's family. And we've got another evil politician staging home invasion killings to help himself get elected as mayor.

Trevor Mills is the real unsub. He kidnaps someone who is either African-American or Latino and drugs them with oxycodone. Then he murders the family and makes it look like before being killed the father was able to kill the assailant. Trevor kills babies and children and pregnant women. Unlucky for Trevor that one of his minority victims is a recovering addict and he shacks of the oxy and escapes when Trevor plans to frame him for the latest home invasion mass-murder he commits.

Turns out Trevor is committing these crimes at the behest of mayoral candidate Clark Preston. He's running on the platform that he'll clean up the crime being committed by blacks and latinos and keep white America safe. And that's why he's getting Trevor to commit these killings. It's a different way to get yourself elected to office, that's for sure.

It turns out these may not be the first home invasion killings Preston has staged. Years ago, Trevor and his family were the victim of a home invasion killing/robbery by two African-Americans. They claimed someone paid them to do it. After only he and his mother survived the attack, Preston was very kind to Trevor and his mother, which earned him Trevor's devotion and loyalty. Most likely he used them to score points with the public during a previous election bid.

When his latest staged home invasion goes wrong because his fall guy escapes, Trevor decides to go after the current mayor and kill her. Morgan arrives and tries to make Trevor see the truth about his idol, but ends up having to kill him. Afterwards, Preston is arrested as the orchestrator of the crimes.

I'm not really sure the charges will stick or if they had enough evidence to even make the arrest. Trevor never really rolled over on Preston. They have phone records showing calls between Trevor and Preston, but to get twelve members of a jury to believe someone could be that evil just to win an election, I'm not sure if there's enough evidence for it.

It's nice to give the illusion that the evil puppeteer, Preston, will pay for his crimes, and show him being arrested, but it really didn't seem like they had enough evidence to even arrest him. As I watched him being put in handcuffs I kept wondering, "Do they really have enough evidence to even arrest the guy?" Then there's the fact that Preston is rich. As we've seen over and over and over again with faux-celebrities like Lyndsay Lohan. Money talks and BS walks.

Off-topic, every time I saw the actor who played Preston I kept wondering, "Isn't the dude from One Tree Hill?" I haven't watched One Tree Hill much, but I believe Nathan's father was named Dan and the guy playing Preston looked a lot like him, so I wondering if it was him. If so, dude is playing another evil dude.


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