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Criminal Minds -- Angels And Demons

Updated on May 15, 2014

One profiler will say goodbye, forever!

That was the tagline for the promo and everyone thought that meant someone was going to die. But death isn't the only way someone can say goodbye. You can also decide to leave.

After watching the first part of the finale, I was wondering why the show was doing such a hatchet job on people who live in Texas. Yeah, Texas has a bad rep because of The Shrub, but this was just completely over the top. The coroner didn't ever perform an autopsy on a murder victim and just put down for cause of death what he thought it was based on what she did for a living. Oh, and the final kicker was the coroner wasn't even a doctor and was just some bum off the street that got elected to the job. Add that to the cops not even trying to preserve any evidence of a fresh crime. But the second half explained exactly why these people were acting the way they were and the show actually wasn't trying to do a hatchet job on Texas.

The show opened with both JJ and Blake complaining because they'd gotten called in when they were planning to spend time with their husbands. Cruz has a friend down in Texas named Peter Coleman who is sheriff there and he's had a string of hooker killings. He wants the BAU to come down there and help with the investigation.

When they arrive they find a murder board already set up for them and an eager beaver female deputy tries to push her way into the investigation like she's a member of the BAU. Later, the female deputy's behavior will make sense when the truth is finally revealed.

Three local hookers are found mutilated. The first victim was a male hooker, followed by two female hookers. On all their backs a mark is carved in them. It turns out it's the mark their pimp once put on another hooker before he came to Texas. Their pimp turns out to be the local preacher. Only the real unsub is setting the preacher up by killing his hookers because the preacher and his hookers know too much.

The real unsub, who is a deputy named Owen McGregor, lures the preacher into a trap where he's left three dead bodies behind, just as the female deputy arrives to say the preacher is inside an empty diner. It isn't long before both the BAU and the local police have the place surrounded.

Owen calls the preacher up and taunts him about having good luck trying to get out of this mess, while Hotch tries to call the man to tell him they know he didn't do it. The preacher decides to shoot his way out with his automatic and Reid and Morgan are shot in the melee.

Morgan only gets a flesh wound, as he pops right back up and starts chasing after the preacher. In the ensuing gunfight the preacher is killed. Meanwhile, Blake is kind of freaking out about Reid, who actually took a bullet for her. She calls him, "Ethan." Reid is very seriously injured. Barely conscious he sees Owen walking around the scene of the carnage he caused.

Morgan, once treated in the hospital, reveals someone else began the shooting that started the preacher to shooting the place up. He says he knows the sound of the preacher's gun when it fires and it was a different gun. The gun that started the shooting that killed Sheriff Coleman was a police officer.

That's the final piece the team needs to figure out what's really going on her. the preacher's hookers say Owen kill the sheriff before Coleman took over and that's why he's been killing them. He set the preacher up for the crime so he could put a neat bow on everything. That's why the coroner didn't even perform an autopsy and the other deputies contaminated the evidence in the latest crime scene. They're all crooks and the police force is a force of crooked cops.

They're also crooked cops that think they can get away with killing a bunch of federal agents as it digresses into a them vs. us situation. The over eager female deputy who is also dirty and another deputy try to take out Rossi and Blake, but they escape. When Owen finds out they failed in their mission he shoots both of them dead. So much for brothers in blue.

Owen also has his eyes set on finishing off Reid, as well. He tries to do it himself, but Garcia pulls the fire alarm and evacuated Reid before he can get to him. Them he sends someone in to inject something into Reid's IV, but Reid says that he's allergic to that and Garcia is forced to shoot him before he can kill Reid.

It seems Owen is the local drug kingpin as well as smuggling in illegals to do God only knows what. He's murdered two sheriffs and many others to keep it going. The team tracks him down at his headquarters and Hotch finally shoots and kills him after engaging in a life and death battle.

The upshot is this whole thing seems to have had a profound effect on Blake. Earlier she had a chat with Rossi who told her how he put his job before his marriage and that's what destroyed his marriage. And Reid asks her why she called him Ethan. She reveals Ethan was her son and Reid is who he would have grown up to be. He had a neurological disorder that made him appear to be an adult when he was just a child and he died.

On the plane back home she sits apart from the group and appears to send Hotch a text, no doubt informing him she's done. When she takes Reid home, he seems to know this will be the last time he sees her, as he finds her FBI badge in his things as he watches her getting in a cab.

Blake ultimately decided to take a different road than Rossi did. Her marriage and husband are more important to her than the job and she's going to put them first.

Strangely enough, when her husband showed up last season, I thought that's how Blake would leave the show. She seems to have this wonderful husband and marriage that even survived the tragic loss of a child.

Both Hotch and Rossi put their jobs before their spouses and marriages and it ended up destroying their marriages. I think she made the right choice. Seriously, if you're going to be in that profession it might be better if you stayed single, because if you're married even the most patient and loving of spouses is eventually going to have enough and call it quits.

On a side note, a lot of people, myself included, were worried Reid was going to be the one leaving because there was no news about him signing a new contract. It makes me wonder if he did sign a new contract and the show kept it quiet to build suspense that he might die in the finale.

I actually thought it was the best episode all season and I'm excited to see what happens in the new season.


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    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      i love this show