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Criminal Minds -- Bad Twins

Updated on October 3, 2013

Fruit from a rotten tree

I felt like I was wearing egg on my face because I went on an IMDB message board defending the writers because people said it was too far-fetched that one twin would just happen to show up where the other twin was so he could get arrested by mistake. I suggested the mother put the twin up to protect the other twin. Well, if you watched the episode you know how wrong I was on that one. But it still seems to big a coincidence that he just happens to show up where the police are searching for his twin. Maybe Jesse was stalking Wallace and allowed himself to be arrested in his place so they wouldn't get Wallace. I'm still stuck on the fact that Jesse never once tried to say they had the wrong person. If you were being arrested for something you didn't do, you'd tell them they'd made a mistake and he didn't, which makes me still think it was planned.

Anyway, the BAU came back with egg all over their faces as Jesse's lawyer was braying in front of the cameras about how profiling doesn't work to solve crimes. He also ordered the team not to go anywhere near Jesse. Meanwhile Jesse bopped Wallace on the head as he was about to go in their mother's house and he woke-up tied to a chair in a strange house.

Jesse says he wants to understand why Wallace has done what he has. He says the only thing that makes him feel better is killing women. Then Jesse tries to force Wallace to take a sedative. Wallace fakes him out and only pretends to take it. Then Jesse goes a shoots a woman in the heart because she's a twin. So it seems Jesse isn't so different from Wallace, after all.

When Jesse comes back Wallace proves he's not so whacked out he can't put two-and-two together. He tells Jesse he knows that Jesse wants to be him. Jesse admits he's always had the same killer instincts as Wallace has had and suggests they do one together. Jesse and Wallace pick Jesse's friend Elizabeth as their first joint victim.

We also got another gross-out scene of Heather. This time she had praying mantis's coming out of her mouth.

If this wasn't all twisted enough enter the Bad Mother. She wouldn't tell Hotch who the boys father was. Turned out he was just as mentally twisted as the rest of the bunch, but the least malevolent. He seemed to be a schizophrenic. Anyway Bad Mother explained how it was just too much for her to care for twins so when they were three she decided to give one up for adoption. She chose to keep Wallace because he said he loved her. But ever since then she feels she chose the wrong twin to prevent her from being a good mother and having a good child.

It seems Bad Mother took steps to rectify that decision as she and Jesse hooked up three months prior. The teams figures out she's ramped up Jesse's resentment that Wallace was the twin that got kept and convinced him to kill Wallace for her. That way she can get rid of the bad child and have the good child she should have chosen instead and not be a bad mother by doing her own dirty work. Only things don't go Bad Mother's way.

See, killing together has made Jesse bond to Wallace and he decides the person he should kill is actually Bad Mother. Wallace, unfortunately, won't believe Bad Mother was trying to get Jesse to kill him. The twins start battling each other and when the BAU enter one of them lays on the floor dead, but which one.

Bad Mother claims that Jesse had to kill crazy Wallace to stop him. However, when Hotch brings Crazy Daddy to see the twin he knows it's Wallace. That nervous hand thing Wallace does with his fingers is something Crazy Daddy taught him to do. So, Wallace and Bad Mother are taken away in separate police cars with Wallace asking Bad Mother what he should do now. Bad Mother's answer is stone cold silence as she acts like he doesn't exist.

Hotch also reveals to Rossi that he isn't taking Strauss' job and will stay with the BAU. I wonder if it had anything to do with the conversation he and Bad Mother had while he was interrogating her. So there will be a new director.

This story was a good case of nature vs. nurture. At first, Jesse appeared normal but being exposed to Bad Mother for 3 months helped to get him to jump on the crazy train with the rest of the family. He also admitted he'd always had the inclination to kill. However, it seemed what had previously stopped him from doing that was how he was raised. But once he was exposed to Bad Mother she helped to free those inclinations and make him as much of a killer as Wallace was.

Was it even possible for either of these twins to escape their origins? The father seemed to have some mental illness. Reid seemed to think it could be that he's schizophrenic. The mother was also bat feces crazy, as well, but you can't really blame it on a mental illness like the father. She was trying to manipulate one twin to kill the other so she could have this perfect family she dreamed about and could keep her hands clean and keep her mental image of herself as a good mother intact. But coming from those kinds of origins could either twin escape becoming as crazy as their parents are?

It seems Jesse had a small chance even though he had the same psychotic tendencies of his brother which he wasn't giving into until he made the mistake of tracking down his real family. So in the end it seems that nature turned out to be stronger than nurture.


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