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Criminal Minds -- Eight

Updated on February 11, 2012

This week's Criminal Mind is Dean Cain of Lois and Clark fame, but he's no superman. He's a compulsive gambler named Curtis. And he's got a weird system to make sure he's lucky at the gambling tables. It involves murdering people and the number eight.

His first victim is a mobster who he bashes on the head with a trophy. Then he surrounds the body with eight dollar bills and lays an 8 card on top of the victim. After killing Danny Sorvino, Curtis hits it big on the slots and he's doing good at the gaming tables, as well. Then his wife, Terry, shows up and she's had more than enough of his gambling, and tells him she wants a divorce, and his luck turns bad, again.

He goes after his next victim, a hooker who glommed on to him when he was winning big at the tables. When Terry showed up, she took off. He sees her getting a wad of cash from one of the gamblers and follows her out to the underground parking garage, where he proceeds to smash her head into the windshield of her car. He lays her body out the same as he did Danny Sorvino.

When his luck starts turning bad again, this time, he kills a cashier at a gas station, but it doesn't work and his luck doesn't return. His friend Eddie claims that Terry is killing his luck. He also keeps mentioning how Curtis has been connected to the Lucky 8 Killer. So that may be what makes Curtis decide Eddie should be the next victim. Since Eddie said his big goal when he wins is to get this watch, Curtis buys him one and gives it to him, before killing Eddie.

Curtis' big goal is to get into this high stakes poker game and the team figures it out. Rossi puts up the money, but gets a little huffy when Reid wants to play instead of him, since he and Reid seem to be in some kind of pissing contest. Reid wins and realizes Curtis is the killer in the poker game. Unfortunately, Curtis escapes.

Luckily, the team realizes Curtis is on his way to kill his wife Terry. Rossi goes in to talk Curtis down, as they realize Curtis is waiting to the clock strikes eight to kill her. Instead, Curtis kills himself when the clock strikes eight.

This episode was an interesting commentary on how people think something is lucky taken to horrible extremes. The sick part was when Curtis didn't follow the ritual his luck didn't return, validating his belief that what he was doing was making him lucky.

The other story of the night was Garcia woke up and found a wet and naked Morgan coming out of her shower. She'd had a fight with her boyfriend aka Xander from Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and had too much to drink. As a result, she couldn't remember what happened the night before. Morgan had no idea while Garcia wanted to be nowhere near him. He finally revealed nothing happened and things got back to normal for them.


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