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Criminal Minds -- Even the Mentally Challenged Can Be Evil

Updated on September 30, 2011


I started watching Criminal Minds last season and I've kept watching it. I really haven't found any episode really disturbing until the latest episode called Proof. I suppose it's a weird type of progress that the mentally handicapped are always being portrayed as sweet and harmless and can be portrayed as completely evil.

The episode begins with Matt calling his brother Cy a liar who lies all the time when he tells about kissing a girl. Flash forward to a grown-up Cy telling one lie after another as he goes into the same building he and Matt had been at years before when Matt called him a liar. Inside a blonde woman is tied up and Cy video tapes himself as he pours sulfuric acid into her eyes, blinding her.

Over at BAU headquarters JJ can't seem to get why Reid is holding a grudge for lying to him that Emily was dead when she wasn't. Everyone is kind of like to Reid, "Get over it." I thought Reid's behavior was the most realistic of the whole crew. I was surprised Morgan wasn't holding a grudge. Of course, after Rossi holds a cooking lesson for the team, Reid comes around and all is well in BAU Land. But seriously, it is unrealistic how on TV shows when a character is lied to for whatever reason they're all fine with it two seconds later. Was nice to see a bit of realism. Reid is probably my favorite character on the show. Hotch is a favorite because he's still riding on his Dharma and Greg days.

Speaking of Thomas Gibson, I think he looked better with the beard, and I don't like beards. It made him look younger. After he shaved, I wondered if the actor could be sick, because his face looks so thin and his cheeks seem almost sunken in.

Back to the case, it seems Cy is just blinding women, but the next blonde he abducts shows her revulsion when he forces her to kiss him, so he uses something to pry open her mouth and pours sulfuric acid down her throat to burn off her tongue. It's only gets worse from there.

Cy is targeting blondes because he has a crush on his brother's wife, Lilah. He even dresses his victims up in eighties clothes. Lilah was drunk at a party that Cy attended and they were playing spin the bottle and the bottle landed on Cy. Not wanting to hurt Cy's feelings she went into the closet with him and let him kiss and fondle her. Unfortunately, Cy heard her says how gross it was. After that Lilah began dating Matt and Cy made her do something with him [they didn't really go into detail] that Cy video taped so he wouldn't tell Matt. When Matt and Lilah began having troubles in their marriage, Cy got his hopes up he'd have another shot at Lilah, but then they worked things out, and that seemed to start him up on his murder spree. At least that's what I got from what I saw.

Things go to an even darker place when Lilah and Matt's daughter, Debbie, decides to dye her hair blonde and wear the same dress her mother wore to the dance when Lilah and Cy played spin the bottle. He stalks her at the dance and kidnaps her. When Debbie is disgusted by him and tells him how disgusting he was for forcing himself on her mother he decides to burn her hands with sulfuric acid. They never said if the sick pervert molested his own niece.

Strangely enough, I found the worst part to be when Matt watched the tape of what Cy did to his daughter. On it the evil monster taunts his brother, knowing somehow that Matt will be watching this, about how he should really watch the tape of what he did to his wife. I was so hoping Matt could find a way to go and kill the evil monster.

For my money, Cy tops Ian Doyle for being evil. At least Ian had some redeeming qualities in regards to the fact he loved his son. Cy had no redeeming qualities. It was just pure evil.


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    • profile image

      Jackie 3 years ago

      Quick correction--Debbie should be "Tammy". Good Hub otherwise :) I applaud the writers for showing us how the stereotype of nonstop happiness in people with mental/intellectual disabilities is certainly not true.

    • Alecia Murphy profile image

      Alecia Murphy 6 years ago from Wilmington, North Carolina

      I love watching Criminal Minds. It's one of the few shows that isn't dumbed down for viewers and always delivers with interesting twists. Great Hub!