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Criminal Minds -- Fagin

Updated on November 14, 2013

Can any of these children be saved?

Yes, Criminal Minds seems to be going to Dickens for this weeks Unknown Subject. Only their Fagin is a lot worse than Dickens version ever was.

It all begins in a diner in Chicago. This nice friendly waitress goes up to this kid sitting in a booth who hasn't touched his plate and asks if she can get him something else. That something else is putting some hot lead into her as he pulls a gun on her and shoots her. He also shoots two others before being killed himself.

The team is called in and the youth is identified as Gavin Preston. Gavin disappeared when he was 12 and he was labelled as a runaway, but it turns out he was actually kidnapped. The autopsy shows he was tortured. There's a mark at the side of his temple and they figure out a gun with blanks was fired close to his temple. Reid thinks the boy was being conditioned and trained no to talk even if he thought he was about to be killed.

The team sees footage of Gavin in the car with another youth on a street camera right before he enters the diner and begins his shooting spree and think the other youth may be his partner. They discover the other youth's name is Trevor Madison and he went missing at the same time as Gavin did. Meanwhile Trevor is sitting outside his car outside the diner watching Sylvia Hoover with her young daughter as she talks to the press about what happened. For a second I thought the woman's daughter was going to be targeted as a replacement for Gavin.

As it turns out that's not the way it goes down. Trevor parks his car in the middle of a crowded road and won't move it. When Hotch finds out he realizes what's about to happen and tells the officer on the scene to evacuate the area. As the cop is yelling for everyone to run the car blows up with Gavin inside.

Garcia finds a host host of boy children that were kidnapped and most of them killed a dumped and figure the Unsub is behind it. Reid reasons that children between the ages of 9-12 are the easiest to train. They also figure he has another potential assassin ready to go named ready to go who vanished at the time of one of the other boys who were found dead disappeared.

The team has Daniel's mother Lauren try to make an appeal to him and to tell him how much she loves and misses him. It works to a degree. Daniel calls up the number his mother gives him but doesn't talk. It's enough to trace his location and bring him in alive before he commits the latest act of terrorism this Fagin wants him to.

The boy will only say the same number over and over again.They bring Lauren in to see Daniel and talk to him, but it's going to take a lot to de-program this kid, if that is even possible.

The team figures out Fagin is actually a former Chicago police officer named Gallino. He was a dirty cop who was thrown off the force. Unfortunately, he had no intention of going gently into the night. That's when he started kidnapping these kids and trying to program them into being his perfect little soldiers so he could wage was on the Chicago Police.

Daniel isn't Gallino's last little soldier, as he gives a girl her marching orders. She enters the Chicago Police Department wearing a bomb and spouted all the crap about Gallino and his partner that he's told her to say. Before she can blow herself and everyone else up Derek shoots her. I'm not sure if the shot killed her as they pried the detonator out of her hand. But considering she was about to blow everyone up he may have shot to kill.

The team finally catches Gallino and arrest him. He's not alone when they find him. They find a little blonde boy he must have kidnapped and looked like he couldn't be more than four years old. He already started trying to train the child, but it looks like they found him in time before Gallino was able to do as much damage to him as he's done to the other kids he had in his possession. So it seems Fagin having gotten all his other kids killed was going to start all over again and try again to have his revenge against the Chicago PD.

I have to ask. Before they allow someone to join the police academy do they give them any kind of psych exam they have to pass. Cause this guy was nuts bordering on being a psychopath. He should have never been allowed on the police force.

The guy couldn't get that he was to blame for why he was kicked off the force. He thought by being kicked off the force that gave him a license to kidnap kids and turn them into killing machines. What kind of sick freak does something like that? And having failed at his primary goal, the sick freak was already grabbing another kid to start building his little army all over again.

I'm not too sure on prison etiquette when it comes to kidnapping kids. But since Gallino was a cop, a dirty ex-cop, who went around kidnapping kids, I think the little psycho is going to be on the other end of the abuse and getting a little payback. So in this case killing him would have been too easy and he'll suffer more by being sent to prison. Let the other prisoners give him what he so richly deserves.

This week's personal story featured Derek's personal life. He was miffed when he girlfriend got called into work and left him to go to work. When he starting complaining about it to Garcia, she told him he's gotten himself involved with a female Derek and rightfully points out that if he'd gotten called into work he would have went. However, she makes up for it by being dressed to the nines and surprising Derek with a romantic dinner at the end of the day.

Seriously, this lady should tread carefully. Romantic interests for members of the team have a real low life expectancy. Hotch's wife was murdered by the Reaper. Rossi's ex killed herself and his current Strauss got murdered by the Replicator. And Reid's girlfriend Maeve got killed right before his eyes. Will has managed to survive, but even he had a close call.


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