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Criminal Minds -- I Get Off On The Pain I Inflict

Updated on May 16, 2013

Original Airing: May 15, 2013

I sure hope this episode wasn’t the season finale, because if it was, there was absolutely no sighting of The Replicator. It’s like they just dropped the story in midstream. I thought the show runner said The Replicator story would be wrapped up this season. And the way the episode ended it wasn’t any kind of cliff hanger or anything.

I’m old school about cars and there’s a lot of the new stuff these new cars have on them I don’t like. Like them starting by themselves and not having a key and just a button you push. I also think if you’re going to drive, you should know how to park your own car. You shouldn’t let the car park for you. I only learned to drive a few years ago because I lived in a place that had buses to go where I needed to go and let me tell you it’s scary out on the road. I’m hyper critical of my own driving as I’m still learning, but I’ve been told I’m a good driver and I’m a better driver than a lot of the people on the road. Making cars that drive for you may be playing a part in that.

I own a 1998 Volvo and it’s got a lot of toots and whistles I could do without. My biggest complaint is the power windows. Yes, I enjoy the ease of just pushing a button and have the windows go down, but I would also be happy if the handle to crank the window was still installed, because if something goes wrong with the power windows you can’t open or close them. My battery is dead and the power locks won’t work. I can’t open my back doors because they’re locked. I’ve got bucket seats so it’s nearly impossible to climb in the back to open the doors. See, they thought only the driver door needed to have a lock you can open with a key.

Anyway, enough of my pet rant about all the crap they’re putting in these new cars. The only thing I like is the camera that lets you see the back of your car. I was laughing in delight when they revealed how easily the unsub was able to gain entrance to these new cars with just copying the radio single. He wouldn’t have been able to do it if there was normal locks on the door. See, some times the old ways are better.

This week, I actually figured out who the unsub was before he was revealed. When I learned Phillip wasn’t Mary’s husband and the unsub didn’t kill him along with her, I just started wondering if it was possible he could be the unsub. Then when he got the latest victim, Emma, to start talking about her husband and she revealed she was keeping a secret from him and he acted a little too weird about it. I just started wondering if the unsub might get more kicks if he got to play out his sick scenario with the woman instead of watching a woman with her husband. Turns out I was right.

Phillip as a self-cutter. He got off on cutting himself. He became obsessed that his wife, Maya, was going to cheat on him, since Maya cheated on the guy she was with when they got involved. Finally, Maya had enough and left him. Then he started kidnapping couples on date night and terrorizing them into cutting each other until they fatally wounded each other. Afterwards Phillip would put them in the trunk of their car and dump the cars in Detroit.

With Mary, he stopped abducting couples, and was just kidnapping wives. At first, I thought maybe the unsub mistook Phillip for Mary’s husband and maybe they were having an affair. But when Mary’s body was dumped and Phillip was kept, that’s when I started suspecting he wasn’t the victim he was pretending. When he told Emma how she could escape and he knocked her out while trying to escape then ripped off his mask revealing himself to be the unsub, I wasn’t the least surprised.

To get Phillip to safely release Emma, they had to get Maya to come and tell Phillip she was willing to give him another shot. But once he was in custody she said she never wanted to look at him, again.

We got to see some of Blake’s personal life as her husband James arrived in town. He’d been working with Doctors With Borders. Now he wanted he and Blake to take jobs at Harvard and start living a normal marriage. Reid counseled her about how lucky she is to have someone to love and encouraged her to leave the BAU to be with her husband. And when she watched Emma being reunited with her husband you thought that’s what she’d do. Only she told her husband she would visit him at Harvard and planned to stay with the BAU.

It was great seeing Mark Hamill. He’s aged well. You don’t see him too much in acting roles these days. He’s a really good actor and he gave a great performance in this role.


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