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Criminal Minds -- I'll Make Your Dreams Come True

Updated on March 22, 2013

Original Airing: March 20, 2013

Working title: I’ll Make Your Dreams Come True

This episode brought up an interesting question: why does the BAU try so hard to bring in a suspect when they figure out who it is? Most of these people are monsters who don’t care about the innocent lives they take, so if one wants to kill themselves, why not just let them do it? Odds are these people will be locked up for the rest of their lives and never be normal enough to walk again in society. So why send them to prison or a mental institution so tax payers can feed and clothes these monsters for the rest of their unnatural lives? Yeah, I know that’s cold, but as I said, these monsters don’t care about all the innocent people they torture and murder, so why should we treat them any better than they do their victims. If they want to kill themselves why not just let them.

The Replicator case was put on the back burner when Strauss told the team they were neglecting other cases, when there was no new lead on the villain stalking the team. One of the things they wondered was how was The Replicator getting so close to them. Enter Garcia’s new boyfriend. Yeah, I know it’s rotten to suggest she can’t get a boyfriend who doesn’t have ulterior motives, but if you were a fiend that wanted to get close to the team, Garcia would be the way to do it. She’s very trusting and if you can hack into her computer you could get access to all the BAU cases.

The case this week was rather twisty. The person we were initially led to believe was the unsub, Peter, wasn’t; it was someone else entirely. It all stemmed from twisting a doctor’s therapy meant to help patients overcome their disturbing desires and urges. It involved writing out your twisted fantasies and then addressing why they were wrong and what in your psyche was causing you to have them. Only our unsub, Mark Jackson, was running a therapy group and only having his patients write out all their disturbing and sick fantasies, without taking the step of identifying why they were wrong and where they were coming from.

Peter Harper was in Jackson’s group and he had all these disturbing mental flashes of stabbing a co-worker’s hand with a pair of scissor and drowning this girl named Tammy that he was obsessed with. Peter was getting the material from stuff women were posting online which provoked sick fantasies in him when he read it. When Peter would write his sick fantasies down, Mark would hunt down these women and make the fantasies both Peter and the women wrote come true.

Mark only went against what Peter wrote in one way, and that was by cutting out his victim’s tongues while they were still alive. When he was a boy his mother told the police he lied when he told her that her boyfriend was molesting him, so that’s why he felt the need to cut out the tongues of his female victim’s.

Peter became the unsub when he heard a report on the news of all the women’s deaths that he’d written about and knew Mark had been stealing his fantasies and turning them into reality. Fearing Mark planned to go after Tammy, who was special to Peter, Peter killed Mark. Then Peter took Tammy to the community pool and made his fantasy of drowning her in the pool a reality.

Morgan arrived as Tammy was tied up and shoved into the pool and he jumped in to save her, while Peter held a knife to his throat. JJ was trying to talk Peter down, when Reid decided to tell him the truth. If he didn’t kill himself, he’d be arrested and they might never be able to make the sick fantasies in his head go away. Peter thanked Reid for telling him the truth and then slit his throat.

Hotch didn’t like what Reid had done and suggested it was because of Maeve. Which is what brought me to the question of why do they try so hard to stop these monsters from killing themselves. Granted, Peter was more a victim than a monster. Mark was the real monster and I was glad when Peter killed him after what he did to all those poor women. But if Mark hadn’t been killed and had been holding a knife to his throat [instead of Peter] threatening to kill himself, they would have tried to talk him out of it, too. What if he copped an insanity plea and convinced a doctor he was better when he wasn’t and they released him and he went on another killing spree? Think of all the lives that would have been saved by just letting him cut his throat. And any unsub the team brings in alive could quite possibly get back out on the street and kill more innocent people. I wonder if that ever occurs to them when they’re trying to talk them down so they can arrest them instead of taking them away in a body bag. Although I’m sure they believe they’ll be put away for the rest of their lives. And that brings it back to taxpayers having to pay for their board for the rest of their lives after the horrible things they’ve done.

I imagine the Replicator will be back next week to cut someone’s tongue out. The only reason he’s probably been laying low is he ran out of new crimes to replicate.


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    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      i love criminal mind. similar to CSI. Awesome drama